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September 2023
Volume 67, Number 6
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About This Issue
Our cover story this month explores the question, Does it matter if Christians declare their personal pronouns or use those given by others? Also in this issue: the changing face of atheism, reclaiming Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream,” how churches in Appalachia are responding to the opioids crisis, and a closer look at repentance in the Gospel of Luke.
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Cover Story

Should I Offer My Pronouns?
Gendered language is increasingly controversial in public life. Christians are grappling with how to engage.


A Russian Pastor Spoke Out Against Putin’s Invasion. It Cost Him His Church.
Mikhail Manzurin prayed for Ukraine during church services and eventually fled to the United States.
With Eyes to See Addiction, Appalachian Churches Respond to the Opioids Crisis
As the toll of overdoses continue to rise, congregations provide recovery, medical care, and redemption.
New Atheism Is Dead. What’s the New New Atheism?
Far fewer British people agree with vitriolic assertions about religion. Still, disbelief in God is on the rise in both the UK and the US.
Repentance Is Both Vertical and Horizontal
Our hearts aren’t prepared for the Lord until they are ready to love others.
Jesus Met Me on the Morning of My Funeral
I was dressed for burial when he gave me a mission to proclaim his name.


Reclaiming MLK Jr.’s ‘Dream’ 60 Years Later
How we can better engage with the famous March on Washington speech.
Your Mind Is on God’s Mind
However ugly our thoughts, God is not scared of them.
Mormons Expect More of the Next Generation. Why Don’t We?
Our youth need more than market-driven ministry efforts.
Paul Put His Own Stamp on the Ancient Pattern of Opening and Closing Letters
The apostle used his hellos and goodbyes to teach, bless, and worship.


Repairing the Evangelical House Means Renewing the Evangelical Imagination
If our movement is ailing, argues Karen Swallow Prior, it’s because we’ve overlooked the importance of certain stories, symbols, and metaphors.
Western Theologians Need Non-Western Theologians—and Vice Versa
The particularities of people groups can aid the work of understanding and proclaiming the gospel.
New & Noteworthy Books
Chosen by Matt Reynolds.
Since When Did Pleasing God Become an Unattainable Ideal?
His servants aren’t meant to feel like spiritual failures.
Some of My Social Justice Allies Are Terrifying, and I Value Them for It
“Sensitive” types like me won’t always mesh with more intimidating activists. But we need each other to thrive.


A Washington Church Grows Great Commission Wheat
For decades, the small, rural congregation has turned a grain harvest into international ministry funding.
15 Percent of Churches Laid Off Staff in COVID-19. Many Are Still Looking for Work.
For some, pandemic firing prompted a turn to secular employment.
Lawsuit Seeks Information about Missing Malaysian Pastor
And other brief news stories from Christians around the world.
Christians Could Change Adoption Laws in the Middle East. Will They?
Some have been reticent to reform, despite the needs of children and would-be parents.
At Indigenous Seminary, Students Learn the Power of Faith Embedded in Identity
The newly accredited school promotes a theological education that’s not at odds with culture.

More from this Issue

Jesus Loves Opioid Addicts
And so do these Appalachian churches.
A Righteous Cry
Why we tell stories of suffering.
A Chorus of Replies about Church Worship
Responses to our May/June issue.