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October 2022
Volume 66, Number 7
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About This Issue
Our cover story this month examines the career of a relatively unknown linguist whose life is a microcosm of the transformation that global Bible translation has undergone in the past half century. Also in this issue: Why religious moderates aren’t winning elections, the next-gen leaders of the Vineyard, and the sin of cutting corners.
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Cover Story

The Woman Who Gave the World a Thousand Names for God
How a British linguist and a failed Nigerian coup changed everything about Bible translation.


After the Boomers, New Leaders Bring New Life to the Vineyard
The next generation of charismatic pastors doesn’t want authority but collaboration—and communities ready to follow the Spirit.
Christian Aid Agencies Have a New Approach to Famine
Relief has changed in time for Africa’s worst food shortage in 80 years.
Negligence Is a Deadly Sin
The Bible is consistent in condemning shortcuts that hurt others. And they’re rife.
Before I Got Saved, I Got Shipped Off and Strung Out
First came Vietnam, then drug addiction. Somehow, God helped me survive.


Where the Unborn Are People
Churches are bearing better witness to life beyond its “potential.”
Come On, Let Us Adore Him
Too many of our prayers rush past praise.
Political Empathy Takes Work
Developing our theory of mind can help us understand the “other.”
Online Seminary Isn’t B-League
Virtual degrees are affordable and accessible. They can even be rigorous.
Bring Back Altar Calls
They could foster the worst in evangelical spirituality. But the best of it, too.


If We Can’t Reason Together, How Can We Worship Together?
The knowledge crisis afflicting American society poses even greater dangers for the church.
The Rise of the Pentecostal Fusionists
They’re uniting Spirit-led worship with the riches of historic church tradition, says a leading charismatic bishop.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Linda MacKillop, author of “The Forgotten Life of Eva Gordon.”
Faith and Doubt Aren’t Black and White
Travis Dickinson shows believers how to question their beliefs without discarding them.
5 Books on the History of Christian Parenting in America
Chosen by David P. Setran, author of “Christian Parenting: Wisdom and Perspectives from American History.”


Moral Middle Candidates Want to Save America (But They Keep Losing)
Christians concerned about division, disinformation, and democratic norms are straining to reestablish the political center.
What the First Black Death Victim Wanted the World to Know
New research traces plague to historic Syriac Christian community.
Evangelical School Strikes Deal with Chick-fil-A Franchises
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
20% of Polling Places Are in Churches. We Mapped Them.
Here’s where 12,875 houses of worship serve democracy.
Migrants to Europe Are Changing Churches
Study finds new immigrants in about half of hospitable congregations.

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