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May/June 2022
Volume 66, Number 4
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About This Issue
This issue we give special attention to the thousands of US pastors who faithfully labor unseen and who wonder how much longer they can hold themselves together. COVID-19 put unique strains on clergy—a group that was already seeing rising rates of burnout—and the effects will linger long after most Americans have put their masks away. In our cover story, Kyle Rohane argues that pastors are less likely than other workers to join the Big Quit. It sounds like good news and is, in ways. But in other ways, it’s a warning.
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Cover Story

Our Pulpits Are Full of Empty Preachers
Tens of thousands of pastors want to quit but haven’t. What has that done to them?


The Scottish Complementarians Who Teach Women to Preach
A church planting network in Edinburgh’s poorest neighborhoods is flipping gender norms on their heads.
They Might Be Giants. (Or Angels. Or Superhuman Devils.)
Who, or what, are the Nephilim? We don’t know—and maybe we don’t need to.
As for Me and My Household, We’ll Resist Mammon
Money promises autonomous abundance. But we need someplace where we cannot hide.
I Plant Secret House Churches Because I Was Saved into One
How an Iranian teenager found Christ and launched a mission to equip persecuted believers.


We Fell Short in Protecting Our Employees
How one organization—our own—got it wrong in responding to sexual harassment. And how we can do better.
When Doubters Declare the Glory of God
Songs from outside the church can help us worship within it.
Seven Trials, Two Dangers, and One Underappreciated Book
Church leaders care too much about numbers and too little about Numbers.
Tribalism’s Awful Antidote
We’re made to have a herd. Made to transcend it, too.


Let the Modern World Make You Uncomfortable
Jake Meador challenges the church to rethink its attachment to the American way of life.
Secularism Doesn’t Have to Be Bad
Understood rightly, it offers the best hope of keeping pluralistic societies peaceful and free.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
Don’t Ignore Race. Or Alienate White People.
Sociologist George Yancey outlines an alternative to colorblindness and antiracism.
Is There a Tiny Puritan Living in Your Head? Tell Him to Get Lost.
God has set a feast for us in the world, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about savoring it.


Stained Glass Needs Saving
The oldest church windows in the Midwest and West are about to start falling apart.
Levites, Whores, and Demoniacs: Here’s How the New NRSV Has Changed
A look at five updates to the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.
Gleanings: May 2022
News from Christians around the world.
Opposing Porn Isn’t as Lonely as It Once Was for UK Evangelicals
New efforts to protect children win secular allies.
Drug Addiction Was Bad in America. The Pandemic Made it Worse.
Recovery ministries try to help as people give up and give in.

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