The Chosen: I Have Called You by Name

Jerry B. Jenkins (BroadStreet Publishing)

Jerry B. Jenkins (of Left Behind fame) has penned more global bestsellers than any living Christian Booksellers Association author. This latest effort is based upon the phenomenally successful streaming project produced and directed by Jerry’s son, Dallas. Since its April 2019 release, The Chosen’s first season has enjoyed over 90 million viewings in over 100 countries and been translated into more than 50 languages. The goal of both series and book is to authentically show Jesus through the eyes of those who actually met him. Jenkins’s novel brings the season-one story line to vivid life on the page, showcasing his direct, accessible, and vibrant prose.

The Letter Keeper

Charles Martin (Thomas Nelson)

Very few contemporary novelists have found acclaim within both mainstream and evangelical markets, but Charles Martin is among them. His latest novel functions as both a standalone story and a sequel to his highly praised The Water Keeper. The novel hinges on the scriptural message of forsaking the found in order to seek the lost, a theme Martin brings to poetic and brilliant life. A man broken by events beyond his control accepts the challenge to walk dark ways in order to bring the lost and helpless home, but he comes close to losing himself in the process. Despite the hardship and heartache, Martin’s story shines with the light of eternal hope.

On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor

Jaime Jo Wright (Bethany House)

Wright has developed a unique literary style, whereby she weaves two stories separated by more than a century into a mesmerizing tale. In this latest work, a young woman is sent to a Lake Superior estate in the late 19th century to recover treasures her father had pirated during the Civil War. Interlaced with this is a second story set in the present, where a nurse in the same manor—now a senior home—confronts shadows from her own past. Wright skillfully links her characters’ internal quests, revealing how so many of the struggles we face are indeed timeless.

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