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Volume 58, Number 4
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The CT archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource.
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Cover Story

Forgiving the Sins of My Father
How he taught me the deeper meaning of mercy.


Matt Chandler, the Preacher Stung by Joy
The young Reformed pastor is supposed to take the Acts 29 Network to the ends of the earth. Why he may be just the man to do it.
Mark Dever: We All Should Be Catholic
What we mean when we profess ‘one catholic church.’
The Battle of the Bible Films
A decade after The Passion, can filmmakers bring an artistic twist to Scripture without alienating moviegoers?


A World Vision for Church and Parachurch
Why the organizations that come alongside must also lead.
The Myth of Happy Parenting
How did we come to expect pain-free child rearing?
When Should an Overseas Missionary Pay a Bribe?
Widespread corruption presents ethical dilemma for outreach. Four views.
The Best Way to Use Music in Church
The key to biblical worship: Let everyone sing!


Bonhoeffer Against the World
How did a young man with no apparent power become a hero of the faith? A new biography explains.
The Bible's Unequivocal 'No' to Domestic Violence
Justin and Lindsey Holcomb offer the hope of grace to victims of abuse.
Wilson's Bookmarks
From the editor of Books & Culture.
How We Forgot the Holiness of God
He may not be cruel and capricious. But don't pretend he isn't dangerous.
Letting Scripture Interrupt You
When a verse or passage grabs your attention, don't be afraid to stop and ask why.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds


Born Again and Again
How ministries advocate for more prison reform.
Gleanings: May 2014
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our May issue).
Is Neutrality Neutral?
Policy changes aiming for unity at two major Christian organizations spark backlash.
The Polygamy Bill Dividing Kenya's Christians
Churches call bill unbiblical, but Christian politicians push it through.
Should Christian Colleges Let Female Faculty Teach Men the Bible?
A Christian college changes its mind.
The Great Baby Commission
One of Africa’s fastest-growing churches wants to expand by having as many children as possible.

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A Sinner Raised by Sinners
What it means to see our families through a gospel lens.
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Readers respond to the March issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
Twitter's Social Innovator: All In for God
What happened the second time he flooded my life.