41% Protestant pastors who strongly disagree that global warming is real and manmade.

27% Protestant pastors who said this in 2008. The "strongly agree" numbers have stayed relatively stable, at about 1 in 4.

Source: LifeWay Research


200 black residents in a low-income area of Chicago were surveyed on their religion and given blood pressure tests.

35% of those who said religion carried over to all parts of their lives had high blood pressure.

19.6% of those who said religion didn't carry over had high blood pressure. The researchers had expected blood pressure to be lower in the more religious group.

Source: HealthDay


62% Americans who own a King James Version Bible. (89% own at least one translation.)

82% Americans who read the Bible at least once a month who own a KJV.

Source: LifeWay Research

Higher Education

39.1% Sociologists who say they would be "less likely to hire" a candidate for an academic appointment if they knew he or she was an evangelical Christian.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

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