Saint Patrick's Country
This is for pilgrims wanting to trace Patrick's footsteps in the northern counties of Down and Armagh, where he began his mission, established his first church, died, and is said to be buried. The guides and maps are particularly helpful for those on the hoof, and 360-degree photos of key sites should delight virtual visitors.

Evangelical Alliance Ireland
This offers a quick intro to evangelicalism in Ireland, showing how it is like and unlike expressions of the movement elsewhere. The numbers-and-graphs crowd will appreciate several front-page links to religious survey results and statistical reports. And be sure to click through to VOX magazine, a voice for Christians in Ireland.

Chester Beatty Library
Although the Book of Kells at nearby Trinity College Library attracts a larger crowd, the collection of early New Testament papyri at this Dublin library makes it a must-stop for Christian visitors. Just a few clicks at this website will take you to photos of the earliest known codex of the Gospels and Acts or copies of Paul's letters.

Corrymeela Community; Christian Renewal Centre
The first of these communities started just before the Troubles (1968–1998), and the second shortly after they began, but both were born from the deep conviction that the gospel of Christ was stronger than the ethno-political conflict plaguing Northern Ireland. From this confidence the two continue to pursue reconciliation and renewal, though in ways that match their particular vision.

Megalithic Ireland
"Great stones" put to symbolic and religious service help form Ireland's distinctive landscape and provide clues about its pagan and early Christian past. This site offers photos and commentary on Irish "megalithic, early ecclesiastical and fortified sites" by county, including a special section on High (or Celtic) Crosses.

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