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Volume 52, Number 5
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Cover Story

China's Urban Church
China is changing and so is its church. How new urban believers are shaping society in untold ways.
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Inside CT: The China Paradox
InnerChange's Prison Fight
InnerChange ministry shuts down in Iowa after funding battle.
Embryonic Stem-Cells After Bush
All three candidates have voted to fund embryonic stem-cell research.
Jordan's Stormy Toleration
Country hailed for tolerance deports at least 27 Christians.
Quotation Marks
Remarks on a gunman's spiritual angst, unceasing Katrina care, and other subjects.
Joel Edwards resigns, Chaldean Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rabho murdered, and other news.
Christian Schools Cut Tuition
While some Christian colleges look to cut costs, a few are cutting tuition.
Go Figure
Recent statistics on black evangelicals and America's non-Christian populations.
News Briefs
No public funds for Baptist pharmacy school, a Christian UK couple barred from being foster parents, and the SBC goes greener.
Zimbabwe's Thug Bishop
An ally of Zimbabwe's corrupt president fails in bid to launch a replacement Anglican province.
Editorial: Juicy Memoirs
Recent tell-all biographies of parents are only symptoms of deeper concern.
Editorial: Blessed Be <i>the Name</i> of the Lord
Why 'Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier' is somewhere between heresy and idolatry.
Watching the Spirit Move in China
Some extraordinary moments in ordinary settings.
A Chinese House Church Pastor on His Calling
A Chinese pastor on how he was 'called out of Egypt' to a thriving urban ministry.
The Desert Gospel
The desert fathers and mothers would know instantly why our gospel is too small.
Galli: Liturgy for Evangelicals
Why many evangelicals are attracted to that strange thing called liturgy.
Charismatic and Calvinist
In Pentecostal worship, my Reformed theology finds its groove.
Hollywood Hellfighter Philip Anschutz
Elusive billionaire Philip Anschutz used to bemoan the lack of family-friendly movies. Not anymore.
Jim Wallis on Abortion, Sex, and Politics
The longtime activist on abortion, gay marriage, Iraq — and biblical orthodoxy.
Reflections: Parenting
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Gordon Govier on Amateur Archaeology
Why some amateurs are stirring up dust and little else.
Carolyn Arends on the Grace of Wrath
Is there any story about God that isn't a love story?
Guthrie: Not Finished with Pro-Life Fight
Abortion is not simply one item on our social agenda.
Your Atonement Is Too Small
Why having more clubs in our theological golf bags helps us to better finish the course.
Short reviews of Lincoln and Douglas, The Emmaus Readers, and Apocalypse.
Top 5 Presidential Biographies
Luis Palau Talks Religion with a Former Chinese Official
Why is a former Chinese official talking to Luis Palau?
Bringing the Ravi Shankar sound to Christian worship.
Yancey: Brokenness
Why I sometimes wish I was an alcoholic.