June (Web-only) 2007

I Love, Therefore You Are
Why the modern search for self ends in despair.
Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge to Faith-Based Office
Ruling says taxpayers don't have standing to sue executive branch for use of funds.
Live Free or Die Hard
Court Rules Against Student in 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Case
The ruling supports school's right to ban promotion of drug use, not speech on political or social issues.
McKissic Resigns as Southwestern Seminary Trustee
Texas pastor cites conflict over private prayer languages at the Southern Baptist seminary.
The Mad Theologian
Vernard Eller died this week. His images and ideas continue to nag me.
Evan Almighty
A Mighty Heart
Acts of Random Kindness
n conjunction with the release of Evan Almighty, the Ark Almighty campaign seeks to help churches meet the needs of those in their congregations and communities.
'The Epitome of a Christian Woman'
A longtime friend of Ruth Graham says this woman of great faith also missed her husband deeply.
'It's About Caring'
So says Steve Carell, star of the new film, Evan Almighty, a modern-day Noah's Ark tale opening this week. We chatted with the main characters … except God.
Make 'Em Laugh
The director of Bruce Almighty—and now its sequel, Evan Almighty—says laughter is theologically good medicine and making comedies is a high calling.
United Front
Hillsong Australia's youth band has rapidly become one of the most sought after groups in today's modern worship, but they know to keep ministry the focus of the movement.
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
The Silent Rock Behind a Famous Evangelist
Although Ruth Graham preferred to stay behind the scenes, her impact on her husband was all too evident.
Moved into the Presence of God
Ruth Graham tells what book has influenced her the most.
Afraid of the Right Things
One fear puts all others in proper perspective.
Putting Pressure in Its Place
Ruth Bell Graham on the purpose of stress.
Ruth Graham Dies at 87
Billy Graham's wife of nearly 64 years was a distinguished communicator of God's power and peace in her own right.
Seeker Unfriendly
We need more than worship that makes sense.
Christian Reformed Church Removes Bars to Women in Leadership
Plus: The big news from the Southern Baptist Convention, Romney's faith team, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The Wall Is the Castle
When Christians combat each other, they fail to protect what's important.
Bush Discusses Iraq and AIDS With Pope in First Meeting
At Easter message, Benedict XVI had lamented, "nothing positive comes out of Iraq."
Keep Fighting the Good Fight Against HIV/AIDS
More funding from the U.S. government calls attention to the effectiveness of church-based efforts.
Nancy Drew
Ocean's Thirteen
Surf's Up
They Really Saw Him
Richard Bauckham argues that the Gospels are based on eyewitness testimony, not "anonymous community traditions." The key, he says, is in the names.
"Is Christianity Good for the World?"
The conclusion of the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson.
Mr. Brooks
Deep River
Letters to the Editor Vol. 1

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Your Neighbors (Probably) Don’t Hate You
Your Neighbors (Probably) Don’t Hate You
They might not even know you’re there. When paranoia eclipses our witness, here’s what to remember.

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