March (Web-only) 2005

Guess Who's Botched Another Remake
Kutcher and Mack get flack in Guess Who. Plus, Christian critics examine Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, Melinda and Melinda, The Best of Youth, and turn in more reviews of Millions, The Upside of Anger, Ice Princess, and Bride and Prejudice.
Upside of Anger, Downside of The Ring Two, Inside of Gunner Palace
Christian film critics praise The Upside of Anger, criticize The Ring Two, visit Gunner Palace, cheer for Disney's Ice Princess, and rave about Dear Frankie. Plus, In My Country, Schultze Gets the Blues, and more reviews of Born Into Brothels, Robots, The Passion Recut, Millions, and Million Dollar Baby. Finally, a couple DVDs worth noting: The Dust Factory and Buechner.
Many Reasons for Families to See Millions; Critics Clash Over Robots
Millions earns a million raves. Robots divide critics. Hostage can't be saved. Downfall digs into Nazi defeat. Plus, another review of Be Cool
Be Cool Isn't; Some Critics Make Peace with Pacifier
Be Cool doesn't measure up to Get Shorty. The Pacifier gets mixed reviews. And The Jacket is an uncomfortable fit. Plus: More reviews of Hitch, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Man of the House, and The Merchant of Venice.
Reviews Might Make Mad Black Woman Madder
Christian film critics consider Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Cursed, Rory O'Shea Was Here, and Man of the House. Plus: More reviews of Hotel Rwanda, Because of Winn-Dixie, Constantine, and The Merchant of Venice.
Terri Schiavo Dies
Plus: Villain of the day George Felos, what the Colorado court really said about the Bible and juries, Catholic school deemed exempt from antidiscrimination law, Falwell improving after losing consciousness, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Terri Schiavo, Easter, and Much More
Few weeks are as heavy on religion news, or death news, as this one.
Legal Efforts for Schiavo Are Finished
Plus: 'Fake' nun case prompts fears on refugee efforts, the meaning of Easter, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Is Ashley Smith's Hostage Story a Testimonial?
More than a story of faith and hope, this hostage practiced the Sermon on the Mount.
Federal Appeals Court Says Americorps Can Fund Catholic School Teachers
Plus: Habitat for Humanity fight gets sadder, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Republicans Defeat Amendment Aimed at Abortion Protesters
Plus: The U.N. asks for a ban on all human cloning, more on the New Jersey Copt murders, Brian 'Head' Welch baptized in Jordan, and more articles from online sources around the world.
A Voice in the Relativistic Wilderness
The Pope crusaded for "moral truth." We should welcome his help.
The Thirst of the 24/7 Fan
Understanding the idolatry in sports.
Beauty Shop
Let the Church Say Amen
A documentary on an urban storefront church, airing on PBS tonight, highlights the power of faith to improve lives.
Sen. Rick Santorum: I Draw No Line Between My Faith and My Decisions
The Pennsylvania Republican speaks on legislating morality, why he was right about anti-sodomy laws, and his 2006 opponent-apparent, Bob Casey Jr.
Whatever Happened to Steve?
For 20 years, We haven't heard any new music from Steve Taylor in a decade, but the guy has been plenty busy—running a studio, writing, producing, and now working on a feature film.
'It Is Finished' But It Is Not Over
God's work of redemption continues in the redeemed. An excerpt from Cross-Shattered Christ.
'Hymn for Easter Day'
Charles Wesley's 'Christ the Lord Is Risen Today' brings alleluia's historical significance to modern audiences.
The Last Words of Jesus
A new book renews a classic musical meditation.
When the Giver of Eternal Life Thirsts
A meditation on Franz Joseph Haydn's The Seven Last Words of Christ.
And Jesus Stood: A Sonnet
An excerpt from Holy Week Sonnets.
God's New Family
God's New Family
Rethinking Jesus' words. "Woman, behold thy son … behold thy mother." An excerpt from The Seven Last Words from the Cross.
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
My Last Visit with Terri Schiavo
If only Terry could say 'I want to live,' this whole thing could be over, says a lawyer for the Schindlers.
March Madnesses
The layers of insanity know no end—thank God.
Ice Princess
Armstrongism Is Wrong, But Not Murderous
A Christian who left the Worldwide Church of God before it turned orthodox says the Living Church of God isn't responsible for Terry Ratzmann's rampage.
Liar, Lunatic, or Saintly Warrior?
Faith & Values Media revisits history's mysterious Joan of Arc.
Movies with Morals
Versatile director Danny Boyle, the man behind Millions, has made some inventive films that are quite steeped in stories of morality. But he's a little reluctant to admit it ….
Lebanon Rallies
The recent protests aren't like the fall of the Berlin Wall, but they do constitute a significant movement toward freedom.
Remembering Stan Grenz
The theologian died Saturday at 55.
Spectating As a Spiritual Discipline
For those who have eyes to watch, let them watch something more than highlight films.
In My Country
Schultze Gets the Blues
The Upside of Anger
Missionaries Pinched by Dollar's Decline
Overseas, the buck's bang has been reduced to a whimper, forcing missionaries to raise more money at home to do the same work.
Growing Up at Koinonia
The focus of a PBS documentary, Koinonia Farm was the target of segregationists, a radical Christian community, and where Jim Jordan grew up.
Top Ten Movie Robots of All Time
They walk, they talk, they work on moisture farms, they hunt Sarah Connor. And sometimes they're eerily human-like. Our critic (and robot nerd) compiles his list of favorites.
Roy Moore: 'We Have No Morality Without an Acknowledgment of God'
As the Supreme Court decides how to rule after hearing arguments over the Ten Commandments, the former chief justice of Alabama's highest court says removing government religious monuments are like getting a ticket for driving 50 mph in a 55 zone.
Why We're Losing the War Against HIV/AIDS
Harvard's Edward C. Green says health officials undermine abstinence and fidelity programs in Africa.
A Two-Way Street
When Rebecca St. James needs guidance, she turns to her mentor—Christian music pioneer Evie Tornquist. But their relationship goes both ways, forming a rich mutual friendship.
The Grace of Sports
If Christ can't be found in sports, he can't be found in the modern world.
Be Cool
Dear Frankie
The Jacket
The Pacifier
Uproar Predicted If Justices Remove Public Ten Commandments Displays
Conservatives warn about "bulldozing" monuments, a backlash against "judicial activism," and an "ugly" confirmation process for future justices.
Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Government Displays of Ten Commandments
Arguments inside and prayers outside courtroom aim to define government's relationship to religion.
Robbery or Vendetta?
Mysterious murders cause rift between Copts and Muslims in U.S.
Looking for Yogi
The 2005 Spring Training preview.
Catching the Spirit
That's how rookie director Darren Grant describes part of the experience of filming Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which opened last week.
Songs from the Longleaf Pines
In Anglican Report, There's Something for Everyone, Once Again
But can Via Media approach continue to keep the churches together?

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You Can’t Reach People for Christ While Holding Their Culture at Arm’s Length
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