"There's nobody so humorless as a devout atheist."

Garrison Keillor, writing about listening to The American Atheist Hour radio program.

"I believe people have different ways of approaching the Word. For me, it's metaphor, written by people a long time after Christ died and interpreted by specific groups. I read the gospels that aren't included in the Bible. These make me feel good about calling myself a Christian."

Jane Fonda, whose 1998 conversion to Christianity made headlines.

"The most reliable manuscripts have the number as 666. There's no reason to change the text of the New Testament, and there's no reason to change the tattoos."

Georgetown University theology professor Alan Mitchell, on a newly readable fourth-century manuscript fragment of the Book of Revelation, which says the number of the Beast is 616.

"If you vote for John Kerry this year, you need to repent or resign. You have been holding back God's church way too long. And I know I may get in trouble for saying that, but just pour it on."

Chan Chandler, who resigned as pastor of East Waynesville (N.C.) Baptist Church after igniting a media firestorm.

"They are the Antichrist of the world."

Ken Salazar, Democratic senator from Colorado, speaking of James Dobson and Focus on the Family in the judicial confirmations dispute.

Sources: The Nation, The Baltimore Sun, mtv.com, WLOS, Rocky Mountain News

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Sources: Garrison Keillor in The Nation, Jane Fonda's quote in The Baltimore Sun is no longer available but was also quoted by WorldNetDaily, MTV.com on 666, Chan Chandler is also quoted by the Ashville, N.C. Citizen-Times, and Ken Salazar in the Rocky Mountain News.

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