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December 2003 2003
Volume 47, Number 12
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Cover Story

The Blessed Evangelical Mary
Why we shouldn't ignore her any longer
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Birth Stories
"Even God incarnate in Jesus Christ, born of Mary, has a birth story of sorts"
Supremely Rejected
Lower-court decisions the Supreme Court let stand
Parrying Masons
Tired of reading about gay Anglican clergy? Get ready for the next controversy: Anglican Freemasons
Quotation Marks
"Recent quotes on repentance, modern life, and the Anglican Communion"
Go Figure
Stats on the true path to God and charitable giving
Threatening the Amish
How the Amish solve the legal problems of civil liberties
'A Man and a Woman'
Activists say the Federal Marriage Amendment will be the defining issue in the next election
News Wrap
"Deaths, promotions, and other tidbits from the religion world"
Reprieve for Brain-Damaged Woman
But Christian activists say the fight to protect the disabled is far from over
An Anglican Rorschach Test
Conservatives and liberals fide hope in statement
Blockbuster Evangelism
"Millions have been converted after seeing films about Jesus, and Hindu radicals are responding with violence"
Renewed Attacks on Christians
Christians continue to suffer in Sri Lanka
The Twelfth of Never
Bush administration drastically lowers goals for faith-based initiative
Persecution Is a Holy Word
Exaggerating our problems demeans the sacrifice of overseas believers
Sailing Off into Irrelevance
The Episcopal Church's rejection of orthodoxy is sobering for evangelicals
Compassionate Evangelicalism
How a document conceived 30 years ago has prompted us to care more about 'the least of these.
An After-Christmas Gift
"A homeless man, an angel, and a reminder about our final home"
Rebuilding Afghanistan U
How Christian scholars are using their heads to change people's hearts at universities worldwide-including the one Osama bin Laden used to roam
Hugh Hefner’s Hollow Victory
How the Playboy magnate won the culture war, lost his soul, and left us with a mess to clean up.
"Quotations to stir the heart and mind from Augustine, Madeleine L'Engle, and Walter Wangerin, Jr"
Reflected Glory
What does Genesis mean by man being made in the image of God?
Before the Deluge
All of us have a sexual orientation that bends toward the self
Thugs in Jesus' Hometown
A Season in Bethlehem shows how the city lost its historic harmony
The Erosion Continues
Joshua Hammer talks about the implications of Christians' Holy Land exodus
Exegeting The Matrix
"A lot of spiritual stuff went into The Matrix films, but not as much as some authors think"
Navigating a Disease
The Long Good Night chronicles one woman's father's journey in Alzheimer's
Teaching Us to Hear
Lewis Agonistes organizes the Oxford don's thoughts on everything
A Tumultuous Journey
Slow Way Home offers rich prose and vivid characters
Horses that Heal
Hope Rising is a sweet collection of real-life stories about the power of love and horses to heal the hurts of disadvantaged children
Nice Yet Naughty
A no-nonsense book of female sex addiction is finally here.
The Postmodern Crackup
"From soccer moms to college campuses, signs of the end"