October (Web-only) 2002

Music at the Theological Roundtable
Music at the Theological Roundtable
What it teaches us about God and the universe
VeggieTales' Top Tomato
VeggieTales' Top Tomato
Phil Vischer's tenacious campaign to dominate family entertainment
Evangelistic Circus in a Box
Evangelistic Circus in a Box
Festival con Dios links with Palau organization to expand work of proclamation
Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
Big Idea's Jonah is both wholesome and hip
Big Idea Responds to CT Article
Phil Vischer, CEO and founder, issues a statement regarding company's financial status
Chuck Palahniuk
The author of Fight Club talks about his new book and the need to see culture not on a TV set but by talking to neighbors
France, Germany Chastised in Religious Freedom Report
A New York Times Book Review columnist takes on relativism, and more online stories from around the world
Racing-Car Cleric Brings Mass to the Fast Lane
Phil De Rea is co-founder of CART Ministries and chaplain to drivers, spectators, and mechanics
Chinese Court Overturns House-Church Death Sentences
W.W.J.D. coming to the F.D.A and the next hotbed of Islamic radicalism
The Heroism of Caregivers
PBS's sober documentary examines how families cope when loved ones can no longer care for themselves
Garden-Variety Heroes Delight Critics
Veggie Tales scores with religious and mainstream media alike. What critics are saying about Hell House and Red Dragon. Plus: Why Christian moviegoers should discover Ingmar Bergman.
Baptist University in Turmoil Over Grade Scandal
Greek Orthodox robes and beards are here to stay, and other stories from online sources around the world
Calvary Chapel Radio Drops 'Graphic' Focus on the Family
China changes tactics in persecuting Christians, and other stories from online sources around the world
Indian State Bans Conversion
Christians say Tamil Nadu ordinance threatens relief work
Timeline of the Spirit-gifted
Before Moody, Finney, Edwards, and Mather came a long line of Catholic and Orthodox believers reputed to enjoy the promise of the Father.
China's Registered Catholics Flourish
The VeggieTales hits theaters with a strong per-screen average and more online stories from around the world
Train Up a Child
Helping children to become intimately familiar with Scripture
Falwell Apologizes For Calling Muhammad a Terrorist
Are clergy likely to be excluded from juries, or just black clergy?
Latvian Churches Say Poll Result Boosts Christian Voices In Legislature
Dave Alan Johnson
The creator of Doc talks about balancing entertainment with spiritual depth and TV shows with evil plumbers
Ohio Science Standards Don't Mandate Intelligent Design, But May Open Door
President of Gardner-Webb University resigns in grade scandal, and other stories from online sources around the world
The USCIRF Is Only Cursing the Darkness
The increasingly irrelevant U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom seems intent on attacking even those countries making improvements.
Congress's Charitable Choice Expansion Is Dead
Court says protecting unborn child justifies using lethal force
Riots, Condemnation, Fatwa, and Apology Follow Falwell's CBS Comments
President of the All India Christian Council: I prayed that the broadcast would not reach India.
Appeals Court Says Cities Can Block Church Buildings
John Paul II celebrates 24th anniversary as pope, and more online stories from around the world
Vatican Says U.S. Bishops' Abuse Policy Contradicts Church Law
: Billy Graham in Texas and other stories from online sources around the world
The King Is Coming, Eventually
What if you announced the rapture, but God didn't show up?
Stunning New Evidence that Jesus Lived
Scholars link first-century bone box to James, brother of Jesus.
Bob Jones's Biggest Problem
Billy preaches all four nights at his Dallas mission
Number One with a Bullet
America's foist family as a tool for evangelism
Vishal Mangalwadi
The author and lecturer talks about how the Bible shaped India, Western democracy, and his life
More Details Emerge on History of James's Bone Box
Falwell's upcoming law school, Garrison Keillor's hymns, and other stories from online sources around the world
Churches vs. Homeowners
Legal experts assess last week's appeals court decision that houses of worship may be incompatible with a place of quiet seclusion.
What Does James Ossuary Say About Mary?
Muslim says Chick-fil-A fired him for not praying to Jesus, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Anger Management, Eternal Life, and Gun Possession
Critics scratch their heads over Punch-drunk Love, contemplate Tuck Everlasting, applaud Bowling for Columbine, and rant over White Oleander. Plus: Reviews of 12 more recent movies.
Chevrolet Sponsors Christian Music Tour—Critics Cry 'Divisive' and 'Troubling'
More than 3,000 Christian schools and colleges in India close in protest of anti-conversion law.
Karachi Police Defy Pakistan High Court
Christian massacre survivor released from custody, detained, and then released again
Is the Sniper a New Age Muslim Catholic?
Alabama's Ten Commandments trial wraps up, and other stories from online sources around the world
No Sex (Before Marriage), Please...We're Christian
Miss America preaches a 2000-year-old message
Angels in Heaven
A game that's more than a game
The Praying Trucker Who Stopped the Snipers
More details and commentary of John Allen Muhammad's faith, and J.C. Watts responds to Weblog
Weblog Bonus: 'I Am a Realist'
U.S. Rep. J.C. Watts Responds to Weblog
Ruth Tucker
The professor and author of Walking Away from Faith talks about doubting God
James Ossuary Contains Bone Fragments
says Daschle is blocking CARE Act to save Democrat sponsors from gay lobby.
Surviving Soul Survivor
A business guide to Tim LaHaye's other series.
Thomas Nelson Sues International Bible Society, Visual Bible
Articles on Christian attitudes toward Halloween, American attitudes toward Islam, and other topics from online sources from around the world.
The Title Speaks for Itself
Religious press critics look at Jackass: The Movie, Auto Focus, Ghost Ship, The Truth About Charlie, Time Changer, Bowling for Columbine, Punch-Drunk Love, Hell House, and the upcoming Frida.
University of Arizona Killer Apparently Resented Spirituality
Beliefnet's buoys from bankruptcy, churches offer Halloween alternatives, and other stories from online sources around the world
India's Hindu Nationalists Make Gains in Banning Conversions
The Falwell fatwa, clergy abuse, and other stories from online sources from around the world
Just War, Just Nation?
World War II preacher points America back to the nation's soul
Edge of the World
Ripley County Blues

Top Story May 24, 2024

American Missionaries Killed in Port-au-Prince
American Missionaries Killed in Port-au-Prince
Gang attack in Haiti leaves three dead and an orphanage on fire as international forces are delayed again.

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