The Prayer of Jesus
Author: Hank Hanegraaf
Quote: "If we could ask [Jesus], 'Lord, teach us to pray,' would he tell us to pray the prayer of Jabez?"
Message: The prayer of Jabez is a nice prayer, but is only a model of petition.
Depicts Jesus promoting Jabez? Yes

Praying Like Jesus

Author: James Mulholland
Quote: "In significant ways the Prayer of Jabez is counter to the heart of the gospel and the priorities of Jesus."
Message:Jabez is a selfish repackaging of prosperity gospel. Jesus' prayer seeks to discern God's will.
Depicts Jesus promoting Jabez? Yes

The Mantra of Jabez

Author: Douglas M. Jones
Quote: "[Here's] how to chant a daring mantra that, unlike burdensome traditional prayers, God always has to answer."
Message:Jabez is silly and simplistic, encouraging disengagement from culture.
Depicts Jesus promoting Jabez? No

I Just Wanted More Land—Jabez

Author: Gary E. Gilley
Quote: "Wilkinson has. … ripped it out of context, misinterpreted most of it, and inappropriately applied it."
Message: Wilkinson's vain repetition and prosperity gospel benefited from the death of hermeneutics.
Depicts Jesus promoting Jabez? Yes

The Prayer Experiment

Author: Jay Dennis
Quote: "God wants his people to pray big, to believe big, to dream big, to impact big."
Message: The prayer of Jabez will transform you, your church, and the world.
Depicts Jesus promoting Jabez? No

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In June, Christianity Today's Mark Galli looked at why The Prayer of Jabez is already one of the best-selling Christian books in history.

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