Christians from around the world will join in prayer for Billy Graham as he travels to Moscow. Billy will address a gallery of international religious leaders billed as “World Conference: Religious Workers for Saving the Sacred Gift of Life from Nuclear Catastrophe.” At their invitation he is speaking on the biblical basis for peace in a nuclear age. The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church has also invited him to preach on the morning of May 9 (officially bring extended greetings of a spiritual nature) in the Orthodox Cathedral of the city. That same evening he will preach in the Moscow Baptist Church with its more than 5,000 members. We are grateful to God for the opportunity he has to bring the gospel to a city that stands as the citadel of world atheism.

Some have questioned whether the Soviets may not use Billy Graham’s presence at the conference for propaganda purposes. Naturally he cannot control how his words may be quoted, but his decision to go was made only after clear commitments concerning his schedule and complete freedom to preach the gospel were ascertained. So far as we can discover, no other evangelical in history has had the opportunity to witness so freely to the gospel in high places in the Soviet nation.

Besides his main addresses, Billy will also speak privately both to evangelical Christians and to many who would never darken the door of an evangelical church or listen to the claims of Christ. His very presence in the Soviet Union will encourage faithful believers in that land of official atheism. And only God himself knows the fruit that can come as Communist leaders hear the message of Jesus Christ and the true peace that only he can bring to a fearful world.

Senate Chaplain Halverson reminds us of the National Day of Prayer on May 6 and of the biblical injunction to pray for those in authority. Momentous issues face our nation—from nuclear armaments to the internal moral crisis, to the fiscal revolution by which President Reagan endeavors to turn our nation away from budget overruns as a way of life.

As part of our media issue, Kevin Perrotta analyzes the current TV smorgasbord and makes the point that the real evil of TV is not to be found in the incidentals of particular programs, but rather in the way they shape our world view and our basic values. And don’t miss James Dobson’s perceptive comments about child rearing and the future of the family.

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