ALTHAUS, PAUL, The Theology of Martin Luther (Fortress, 464 pp., $8). Althaus’s definitive work on Luther’s theology, distributed in English in 1967, treats the Reformer’s thought on twenty-eight topics.

ARMSTRONG, O. K., AND ARMSTRONG, MARJORIE M., The Indomitable Baptists (Doubleday, 392 pp., $5.95). The Armstrongs tell the rollicking story of the individualistic, fervent Baptists with appreciation and candor.

BAVINCK, J. H., The Church Between Temple and Mosque (Eerdmans, 206 pp., $2.65). In this posthumous work Professor Bavinck discusses the uniqueness of Christianity in relation to other religions, the status of man before God as shown in Romans 1, and the point of contact the Church has with adherents of other religions.

BERKHOF, HENDRIKUS, Christ the Meaning of History (John Knox, 224 pp., $5.50). Berkhof asserts that the historical Christ makes possible the understanding of modern history; this is the English edition of a book originally published in the Netherlands.

BROWN, COLIN, Karl Barth and the Christian Message (Inter-Varsity, 163 pp., $1.95). Brown’s assessment of Barth’s major themes, both commends and criticizes the Basel professor for the “Christ-idea” that dominates his theology.

CULLMANN, OSCAR, Salvation in History (Harper, 352 pp., $6.50). This English translation of Cullmann’s 1965 work seeks to show that “salvation-history” is found in all the major books of the New Testament.

GAEBELEIN, FRANK E., editor, A Christianity Today Reader (Meredith, 271 pp., $7.95). The content, scope, and style of CHRISTIANITY TODAY are communicated in this stimulating selection of articles, editorials, news stories, and features from the magazine’s first decade.

HENRY, CARL F. H., Evangelicals at the Brink of Crisis (Word Books, 120 pp., $3.95). Viewing developments in theology, evangelism, ecumenism, and society-at-large, editor Henry considers the next ten years critical for evangelicals.

HENRY, CARL F. H., and MOONEYHAM, W. STANLEY, editors, One Race, One Gospel, One Task, Volumes I and II (World Wide, 319 and 527 pp., $4.95 and $6.95). Illuminating and inspiring addresses and papers from the World Congress on Evangelism provide the biblical basis, theological rationale, contemporary world analysis, and modern strategy for confronting all men with the Gospel.

HOEKSEMA, HERMAN, Reformed Dogmatics (Reformed Free Publishing Association, 917 pp., $14.95). Hoeksema’s summa, a modern statement of Reformed theology (with its insistence on total depravity and amillennialism), attempts to synthesize truth exegeted from Scripture into a systematic whole.

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HOWARD, THOMAS, Christ the Tiger (Lippincott, 160 pp., $2.25). A young “conservative-rebel” describes his spiritual pilgrimage through a cozy childhood, broadening college experience, and the graduate student world of belles lettres to a vision of Christ’s splendor.

JOHNSON, JAMES L., Code Name Sebastian (Lippincott, 270 pp., $4.50). In this suspenseful novel, a minister of the Gospel learns the meaning of worldly involvement when he is thrust into an espionage plot in the Negev.

KITCHEN, K. A., Ancient Orient and Old Testament (Inter-Varsity, 191 pp., $3.95). This well-documented book applies the findings of recent Near Eastern studies to certain historical problems of the Old Testament, showing that theologically orthodox views are “much closer to the real facts than is commonly realized.”

KITTEL, GERHARD, editor, Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Volume IV (Eerdmans, 1,126 pp., $22.50). This fourth volume of the foremost New Testament word-study reference work shines the light of scholarship on vital biblical terms beginning with l, m, and n.

LADD, GEORGE ELDON, The New Testament and Criticism (Eerdmans, 222 pp., $3.95). An evangelical scholar calls for openness without compromise and the use of sound historical-theological methodology in the practice of New Testament criticism.

LEWIS, C. S., Christian Reflections (Eerdmans, 176 pp., $3.95). The brilliant mind, sparkling style, and devout faith of C. S. Lewis serve the cause of truth in fourteen essays pertaining to Christian faith and culture.

LITTLE, PAUL E., Know Why You Believe (Scripture, 96 pp., $1.25). Contending that “Christianity is rational,” Little considers crucial questions of the Christian faith and gives answers that show the sound intellectual basis for evangelical belief.

PETERSEN, WILLIAM J., Another Hand On Mine McGraw-Hill, 228 pp., $5.50). The excited pulsebeat of medical missionary work in Africa is felt as Eternity’s executive editor tells the life story of Dr. Carl K. Becker of the African Inland Mission.

PFEIFFER, CHARLES F., AND VOS, HOWARD F., The Wycliffe Historical Geography of Bible Lands (Moody, 104 pp., $8.95). Students of the Scriptures will highly value this appealing survey of historical, geographical, biblical, and archaeological material pertaining to ten “Bible lands.”

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PHILLIPS, J. B., Ring of Truth (Macmillan, 125 pp., $2.95). The noted translator shares the personal discoveries in his scholarly work that lead him to believe that “we have in the New Testament words that bear the hallmark of reality and the ring of truth.”

PINNOCK, CLARK H., Set Forth Your Case (Craig, 94 pp., $1.50). Pinnock’s brief but stimulating attempt to unmask irrational modern theology and present evidences for the biblical Gospel challenges the unbeliever and provides rational ammunition for the Christian witness.

RAMSEY, PAUL, Who Speaks for the Church? (Abingdon, 192 pp., $2.45). Ramsey presents a devastating critique of the practices of ecumenical ethicists who usurp the role of political policy-maker; he directs churchmen to the proper task of attending to the moral and political ethos of our time.

SHOEMAKER, HELEN SMITH, I Stand by the Door (Harper & Row, 220 pp., $4.95). The ministry of the late Samuel Shoemaker—prophet, evangelist, and helper of men—comes alive in this biography by his wife.

TRUEBLOOD, D.ELTON, The Incendiary Fellowship (Harper & Row, 121 pp., $2.50). Trueblood calls the Church to live out its life with an incendiary purpose that will spiritually ignite the world.

TURNBULL, RALPH G., editor, Baker’s Dictionary of Practical Theology (Baker, 469 pp., $8.95). This source-book of knowledge on preaching, homiletics, hermeneutics, evangelism-missions, counseling, administration, stewardship, worship, education, and the role of the pastor will be thought a godsend by many ministers.

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