The op art-flop art jackets and provocative titles of many new books almost make one believe he can judge a book by its cover these days. But the unpredictability of the content of religious books restrains us from making bold predictions about the value of the volumes scheduled for publication this spring. This list of new titles does suggest, however, the concerns that seem uppermost in the minds of Christians who use the printed word to advance the kingdom of God. Two topics that have generated much heat in the past year are destined to receive still more fuel in forthcoming volumes: the relationship of the Gospel to contemporary man and society, and the mission of the Church.

The churches’ growing concern with the social and political scene is shown in new titles dealing with Communism, the race question, poverty, the draft, the sex revolution, and the place of the Church in modern society. The debate on Christian ethics shows no sign of subsiding as James A. Pike, Joseph Fletcher, David Redding, Z. B. Green, T. B. Maston, and E. L. Long offer further contributions on moralities, new and old. Some ten new volumes address the problem of revitalizing the Church so that it will be capable of communicating the Gospel in our difficult day.

Readers who desire to keep up with Christendom’s leading thinkers will find new works or newly published titles by such luminaries as C. S. Lewis, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Gerhard Kittel, Joachim Jeremias, Kenneth Scott Latourette, J. B. Phillips, Frank C. Laubach, and Pope John XXIII. Since more and more important books are appearing in paperback editions, this forecast will list paperbacks (labeled P) along with hard-cover volumes in appropriate categories.

AESTHETICS, ARCHITECTURE, MUSIC:ABINGDON will publish Music Leadership in the Church by E. Routley. HELICON,Church Architecture and Liturgical Reform by T. Filthaut. MORROW,The Heritage of the Cathedral: A Study of the Influence of History and Thought upon Cathedral Architecture by S. Prentice. PRINCETON,Transformations in Late Eighteenth Century Art by R. Rosenblum. WORLD,The Historical Atlas of Music: A Comprehensive Study of the World’s Music by P. Collaer and A. V. Linden.

APOLOGETICS, PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE: From BAKER will come In the Beginning by R. R. Ward. BRAZILLER,No Other God by G. Vahanian. BROADMAN,Integrity Therapy by J. W. Drakeford. EERDMANS,Service in Christ: Essays Presented to Karl Barth edited by T. H. L. Parker and Christian Reflections by C. S. Lewis. HARPER & ROW, The Anthropology of Sex by A. Jeanniere, The Vision of the Past by P. Teilhard de Chardin, and Philosophical Faith and Revelation by K. Jaspers. MCKAY,Between Knowing and Believing by P. L. du Nouy. REVELL,The Mind Magnificent by R. M. Foote. SCRIBNERS,Basic Modern Philosophy of Religion by F. Ferré and Questions of Religious Truth by W. C. Smith. WORLD,Christian Faith and the Space Age by J. G. Williams. YALE,The Fabric of Paul Tillich’s Theology by D. H. Kelsey and The Emergence of Philosophy of Religion by J. Collins.

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ARCHAEOLOGY:BAKER will print The Nag Hammadi Gnostic Text and the Bible by A. Helmbold. OXFORD,Sinai by H. Skrobucha. WORLD,Persia II by V. G. Lukonin.

BIBLE COMMENTARIES AND DICTIONARIES:AUGSBURG will present The Sacred Sixty-Six by R. Aaseng. BAKER,Clarke’s One Volume Commentary abridged by R. Earle. EERDMANS,Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Volume IV, by G. Kittel. SEABURY,Exegetical Method: A Student’s Handbook by O. Kaiser and W. G. Kummel. STANDARD,Standard Bible Commentary: Acts edited by O. Root.

BIBLICAL STUDIES: From BACK TO THE BIBLE will come God and the Nations by G. C. Weiss. BAKER,Baker’s Pictorial Introduction to the Bible by W. S. Deal and Night Scenes in the Bible by F. E. Marsh. BROADMAN,The Holy Spirit: Believer’s Guide by H. H. Hobbs. EERDMANS,The Covenant by J. Jocz and Covenant and Community by W. Klassen. LOIZEAUX,The Gladness of His Return: A Closer Look at the Second Coming by N. M. Fraser and The First Person by L. Strauss. NELSON,The Apostolic Fathers, A New Translation, Volume V: Polycarp, Martyrdom of Polycarp, Fragments of Papias.OXFORD,The Acts by R. P. C. Hanson (in the “New Clarendon Bible Series”). ST. THOMAS,The Story of Heredity—A Biblical View by W. J. Tinkle. SCRIBNERS,Rediscovering the Parables by J. Jeremias. STANDARD,Daily Life in Bible Times by W. S. LaSor. WESTMINSTER,The Land of the Bible by Y. Aharoni and True Deceivers by W. and L. Pelz. WORLD,Prophetic Voices of the Bible by H. Staack. ZONDERVAN,The Instant Bible by F. M. Wood.

BIOGRAPHY:AUGSBURG will issue Missionary Pioneers of the American Lutheran Church by L. Hesterman. BAKER,I Talked with Paul by W. L. Pape. BROADMAN,Wimpy Harper of Africa by J. C. Fletcher. EERDMANS,Beyond the Ranges by K. Latourette (autobiography). HARPER & ROW, The Teilhard de Chardin Album edited by Mortier and Aboux. INTER-VARSITY,Karl Barth (P) by C. Brown. MACMILLAN,Nikolai: Biography of a Dilemma by W. C. Fletcher. MCGRAW-HILL,Another Hand on Mine by W. J. Petersen. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN,Joan of Arc by J. Michelet. WORLD,Jesus: Man and Master by M. C. Morrison.

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CHURCH HISTORY:AUGSBURG will come out with Augsburg Historical Atlas of Christianity in the Middle Ages and the Reformation by C. S. Anderson. BIBLICAL RESEARCH PRESS,Church History, Early and Medieval by E. Ferguson. CONCORDIA,We Condemn by H.-W. Gensichen. EERDMANS,The Cross and the Flame by B. Shelley. HARPER & ROW, The Fellowship of Discontent by H. Hillerbrand. HERALD,Mennonites in the Confederacy by S. L. Horst. MACMILLAN,Popes and Jews in the Middle Ages by E. Synan, The Rush Hour of the Gods by N. McFarland, and The Condition of Jewish Belief, from Commentary magazine. SCRIBNERS,Christians in Contemporary Russia by N. Struve. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN,Religion and Regime: A Sociological Account of the Reformation by G. E. Swanson. WESTMINSTER,A History of the Ecumenical Movement by R. Rouse and S. C. Neill and The History and Philosophy of the Metaphysical Movements in America by J. S. Judah. YALE,Strasbourg and the Reform: A Study in the Process of Change by M. U. Chrisman.

DRAMA, FICTION, POETRY:AUGSBURG will be printing No Uncertain Sound by L. C. Proctor.EERDMANS,Reluctant Worker Priest (P) by E. Heideman and William Golding, J. D. Salinger, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Saul Bellow, World War I Poets, Pylon Poets, and Graham Greene from the “Contemporary Writers in Christian Perspective” series (P), edited by R. Jellema. HERALD,The Secret Church by L. A. Vernon. JUDSON,Yeshua’s Diary by W. Shrader. LIPPINCOTT,Code Name Sebastian by J. L. Johnson. PRINCETON,Matthew Arnold: The Poet as Humanist by R. Stange. SIMON AND SCHUSTER,The Chosen by C. Potok. ZONDERVAN,Valley of Desire by A. Pryor, To Make the Wounded Whole by M. Crawford, Jungle Fire by B. Porterfield, and The Secret Love by R. Borne.

ECUMENICS:AUGSBURG will be issuing Söderblom: Ecumenical Pioneer by C. J. Curtis, HARPER & ROW, The Seven Steeples by M. Hendrickson. HELICON,Dialogue with Israel by J. Danielou. MACMILLAN,Tradition and Traditions by Y. M.-J. Congar. MCGRAW-HILL,American Bishop at the Vatican Council by B. R. E. Tracy. SCRIBNERS,Christ in India: Essays Towards a Hindu-Christian Dialogue by D. B. Griffiths. SIMON AND SCHUSTER,An Invitation to Hope by Pope John XXIII. WORLD,The Vatican Council and the Jews by A. Gilbert.

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