The best of the year in the realm of evangelical literature

BARKMAN, PAUL F.: Man in Conflict (Zondervan, 189 pp., $3.95). An examination of man’s psychological conflicts and problems in the light of biblical teaching.

BECKER, RUSSELL J.: Family Pastoral Care (Prentice-Hall, 144 pp., $2.95). One of those rare books that take seriously the need for pastoral care of the family.

BENDER, URIE A.: The Witness: Message, Method, Motivation (Herald, 159 pp., $3). A perceptive probing of the nature, method, and resources of witness to the Gospel, and of matters that hinder such witness.

BERKOUWER, G. C.: The Second Vatican Council and the New Catholicism (Eerdmans, 320 pp., $5.95). A brilliant analysis of the religious spirit of our times by a charitable but confirmed Protestant.

BERKOUWER, G. C.: The Work of Christ (Eerdmans, 358 pp., $7.50). A solid biblical discussion of the meaning of Christ’s redemptive work. A companion volume to Berkouwer’s The Person of Christ.

CARNELL, EDWARD JOHN: The Burden of Sören Kierkegaard (Eerdmans, 174 pp., $3.50). The most lucid and critical presentation of the thought and intent of Kierkegaard extant.

DAVIES, J. G.: The Early Christian Church (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 314 pp., $8.50). Fine scholarship combined with high readability produces an illuminating picture of the first five centuries of Christianity.

Ex Auditu Verbi: Theologische Opstellen Aangeboden Ann Prof. Dr. G. C. Berkouwer, a symposium (J. H. Kok, 342 pp., $000). Essays in Dutch, German, and English comment on theologian G. C. Berkouwer. A Festschrift.

FULLER, DANIEL P.: Easter Faith and History (Eerdmans, 279 pp., $4.95). A study that looks to the Bible to discover the relation of faith and history. Both scholarly and readable.

GRAHAM, BILLY: World Aflame (Doubleday, 267 pp., $3.95). A prophetic voice that judges the world in the name of the Gospel.

GUTHRIE, DONALD: New Testament Introduction: The Gospels and Acts (Inter-Varsity, 380 pp., $5.95). A scholarly treatment of critical problems that bids fair to become a standard work.

HITT, RUSSELL T.: Sensei: The Life Story of Irene Webster-Smith (Harper and Row, 240 pp., $3.95). An inspiring story of the first missionary invited by General MacArthur to return to Japan.

JARMAN, W. MAXEY: A Businessman Looks at the Bible (Revell, 159 pp., $2.95). A prominent businessman speaks his convictions about his faith and his Bible.

JEREMIAS, JOACHIM: The Central Message of the New Testament (Scribners, 95 pp., $2.95). A renowned scholar presents a frontal challenge to the Bultmann school.

LLOYD-JONES, D. MARTYN: Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure (Eerdmans, 300 pp., $3.95). Sermons that accent Christian joy as being of the essence of Christianity and as the answer to spiritual depression.

LYALL, LESLIE T.: A Passion for the Impossible: The China Inland Mission, 1865–1965 (Moody, 208 pp., $3.50). The inspiring saga of a faith that brought the message of Christianity into the interior of China.

MARTIN, WALTER R.:The Kingdom of the Cults (Zondervan, 443 pp., $5.95). About the best there is on the cults; written with an eye on Christian missions.

MCGAVRAN, DONALD, editor: Church Growth and Christian Mission (Harper and Row, 252 pp., $5). An impressive study of the growth of the Church from the perspective of theology, sociology, methodology, and administration.

MORRIS, LEON: The Cross in the New Testament (Eerdmans, 454 pp., $6.95). An impressive exposition of the many faces of the Atonement in the New Testament, which for all its variety has substantial unity.

PAUL, ROBERT S.: Ministry (Eerdmans, 252 pp., $5). An astute portrayal of the meaning of the Church’s ministry as grounded in the person of Jesus Christ.

Philosophy and Christianity: Philosophical Essays Dedicated to Professor Dr. Herman Dooyeweerd, a symposium (J. H. Kok and North-Holland, 462 pp., $12). A Festschrift in honor of a distinguished Christian philosophical thinker.

PIPER, OTTO A.: Protestantism in an Ecumenical Age: Its Root—Its Right—Its Task (Fortress, 254 pp., $4.50). A sane, balanced assessment of the Protestant Reformation and of its future.

RYRIE, CHARLES CALDWELL: Dispensationalism Today (Moody, 221 pp., $3.95). A lucid plea for dispensationalism against the distinctives of convenantal theology.

TENNEY, MERRILL C.: New Testament Times (Eerdmans, 396 pp., $5.95). A reconstruction of the cultural milieu in which Christianity arose and developed.

TOURNIER, PAUL: The Adventure of Living (Harper and Row, 250 pp., $3.75). A penetrating analysis’ of man’s innate instinct for adventure as countered by his other innate instinct for repose.

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