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Expert on Child Spirituality Pleads Guilty To Possessing Child Porn
(UPDATED) Professor from Wheaton, Biola, Vanguard, and Toccoa Falls was known for his work on the spiritual formation of children.
Roundup of Fresh Stats on America’s Largest Protestant Denomination
Southern Baptist tally second-worst year for baptisms in 60 years. But also almost 1,000 new church plants and $26 million increase in giving.
Who Should Control .Church Websites?
Applicants have been revealed for new religious domain names, including .church, .bible, and .catholic.
North Dakota Rejects Religious Liberty Measure
Measure 3, rejected by two-thirds of voters, would have prohibited the state government from "burdening" religious liberty.
IVP Pulls Reformation Textbook Over Inaccuracies
A review had pointed out dozens of significant errors in one section.
Churches Accuse Philadelphia of Discriminating Against Homeless Ministries
Lawsuit alleges new city regulations are meant to remove the homeless from areas around tourist attractions.
Another Record Year of Religious Violence in Indonesia?
Surge bolsters stance of New Jersey pastor harboring asylum-seeking refugees in his church.
South Africa Churches Protest Building Moratorium
Cape Town congregations face shortage of worship buildings.
Jury Holds Baptist State Convention Liable for Pastor’s Sexual Abuse
Florida convention had hired Douglas W. Myers to plant two new churches.
Court: Colorado Day of Prayer Is Unconstitutional
Governors' proclamations 'undermine the premise' that believers and nonbelievers are served equally, Colorado Court of Appeals rules.
Church Sues Former Member for Online Criticisms
Oregon woman's blog alleges her former church commits spiritual abuse.
Plane Crashes En Route To Acquire The Fire, Killing Four
Sole survivor is daughter of Ron Luce, founder of Teen Mania Ministries.
Judge: Child Abuse Laws Do Not Infringe Pastor’s Rights
Wisconsin pastor convicted of conspiracy to commit child abuse had argued his conviction violated his right to religious freedom.
Refugee Board Criticized for Testing Religious Knowledge
Canadian federal judge says a religious refugee’s knowledge “cannot be equated to faith.”
Decade-Long Fight Over Mojave Cross Ends With Land Swap
Also: Atheist groups divided on whether Rhode Island memorial cross should stay put.
Sovereign Grace Ministries Relocating Headquarters to Kentucky
Ministry cites the economy as main factor in the decision; critic cites conflict over leader C. J. Mahaney.
Church Held Liable for Youth Minister’s Deadly Decision
A 2009 accident left a 13-year-old boy dead after a youth minister let him drive.
Judge Suggests Trimming Ten Commandments to Six
Proposal could provide a compromise to First Amendment case at a Virginia public high school.
Florida Vote Could Repeal Blaine Amendment
The amendment bans the use of public money for religious groups.
More Dangerous Than Porn: Religious Websites
Report says religious websites are three times more likely to infect computers with viruses than porn websites.