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Why That “Gift” to Your Pastor Requires Caution
Churches often bless their ministers with gifts—here are the tax- and compensation-related issues to note.
Busted Pipes, Busted Budgets: Fighting Back Against Winter’s Hidden Risks
Eye-popping property damage insurance claims show why churches even in warmer states need to prepare and respond when winter weather looms large.
Every Church Is at Risk for Fraud. Here’s Why.
Church Law & Tax’s nationwide survey shows churches of all sizes, ages, and locations are susceptible to financial misconduct.
Loved and Trusted: What Shocks Us Most About Fraud Perpetrators
A closer look at the men and women who steal from churches—and the red flags leaders should watch for.
Religious Land Use & The Church: A Virtual Roundtable
What your church needs to know about an often overlooked law.
SBA’s PPP Changes May Help Churches with Loan Forgiveness
Agency announces new direct forgiveness portal, removal of necessity questionnaires.
Key Loan Forgiveness Program Change May Help Church Workers with Student Debt
Education department expands eligibility after 2017 Trinity Lutheran decision—but acceptance is still no certainty.
Religious Freedom Protection Expanded in South Dakota and Montana
Twenty-three states now require their governments to meet higher standards whenever they “substantially burden” religious exercise.
Assessing US Supreme Court Rulings on Pandemic Restrictions
What the high court’s COVID-19 decisions reveal regarding how government treats churches, businesses, and other organizations.
Churches and Religious Freedoms Laws: A 50-State Survey
Orienting church leaders on the key federal and state laws and court decisions affecting religious exercise.
Will Our Church Get Sued for Reopening?
How church leaders should weigh the potential legal liabilities associated with public gatherings during the pandemic.
Poll: Two-Thirds of Churches Report Sizable Giving Declines Since Coronavirus Shutdown
Leaders also report numerous steps taken to curb expenses during sudden downturn.
Attorney General: Exercise of Religion Should Not Be Significantly Burdened
Statement addresses singling out religious organizations through social distancing measures.
Are Church Employees Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?
Sorting through a complex area of law as churches weigh difficult financial decisions.
A Coronavirus Response Plan for Churches
8 ways your leadership can take decisive and responsible action.
Another Option for Tax Preparation: Enrolled Agents
They cost less and are certified by the IRS. But they still need to be vetted before hiring.
What’s the Best Giving App for Your Church?
A brief look at 14 different options available on the App Store and Google Play.
Seven Points to Consider Before Selecting a Mobile Giving App
Sorting the crowded field of options and wide array of features and functions.
Latest Form 990 Exemption Challenge Dismissed on Technical Grounds
Atheist group targeting reporting exception for churches says it will resolve technical problems and try again.