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Back to Bolsonaro? Evangelicals Hesitate Ahead of October Election
More than a third consider switching support to left-wing challenger.
Brazil’s Soccer Stars Love Jesus. But They Can’t Thank Him for World Cup Wins.
What a team ban on religious celebrations reveals about evangelicals in South America’s biggest country.
Why Rio Was Upset a Pastor Didn’t Come to Carnival
Evangelicals have mixed feelings about mayor Marcelo Crivella, the latest symbol of Protestant ascendancy in Catholic Brazil.
Died: Russell Shedd, Brazil's Top Evangelical Theologian
Longtime missionary's books trained generations of pastors.
Brazil’s Presidential Drama Reflects Political, Denominational Divides
Interim president Michel Temer gets evangelical support from Congress but faces a country split by faith and politics.
Brazil's Evangelicals Make Voting Bloc Debut
Forced presidential runoff demonstrates the importance of Protestant voters.