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Arizona Pro-Life Groups Pray Against Abortion Ballot Measure
A dozen states could vote on the issue come November.
Mike Johnson Defies GOP to Heed Evangelical Pleas for Ukraine Aid
After lobbying from fellow Southern Baptists and Christians affected by the war, the House speaker moves a package forward.
Some Evangelicals Want a Third-Party Option, Even Without a Chance at Winning
The American Solidarity Party is a small but growing alternative to the Trump-Biden race.
With Texas’ Deportation Law on Pause, Migrants Turn to the Church
“We’re not being political. We’re just trying to get you what you need.”
White Evangelicals Want Christian Influence, Not a ‘Christian Nation’
A new study finds white evangelicals are most eager to see their faith reflected more in the government, but very few say they support Christian nationalism.
Evangelical Trump Supporters and Critics on Repeat for 2024
With Nikki Haley out after Super Tuesday, “Never Trumpers” are once again disappointed with the choices for president.
​​Trump on Track to Sweep South Carolina
Despite some tension within churches over the candidates, evangelicals mostly side with the former president’s track record over their former governor Nikki Haley.
The Baptist Pastor Turned Senator Behind This Week’s Failed Border Bill
After Republicans greenlit—then spiked—a bipartisan deal, evangelicals are still waiting for a solution to address the migrant crisis.
The Fight for International Religious Freedom Goes Mainstream
Annual IRF gathering puts the spotlight on worsening persecution of people of faith around the world.
After New Hampshire, Evangelicals Brace for Another Trump Nomination
Is the church ready for a repeat?
Why 100,000 Pro-Lifers Still March in DC
Even after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, evangelical activists see a bigger fight to change Americans’ minds on abortion.
Haley and DeSantis Set Their Sights on Surviving
On the heels of a disappointing showing in Iowa, Trump’s rivals are in the make-or-break weeks of their campaigns.
Iowa Voters Never Lost Faith in Trump
In the GOP’s first primary race, evangelicals didn’t take much convincing to stay in his fold.
The Iowa Evangelical Betting Against Trump
Bob Vander Plaats wants Christian voters to move on from Trump. Are they still listening?
Nikki Haley Courts Iowa Evangelicals Amid Poll Surge
Though Trump remains the frontrunner, poll-watchers say the South Carolina Methodist is having her moment.
‘Whatever They Need’: GOP Candidates Focus on Israel Support
Debate participants appealed to Zionist evangelicals while condemning campus antisemitism.