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Loaves and Casserole Dishes: Will Church Cookbooks Survive?
The spiral-bound tomes guarding the secrets of the best sugar cookies, sheet cake, and seven-layer salad are disappearing—but not completely.
After Ohio Train Derailment, Christian Mom Runs for Mayor
Q&A with Misti Allison, who entered local politics because she saw her East Palestine community struggling.
As Campus Threats Rise, College Ministries Look for Ways to Help
The fallout of the Israel-Hamas war at US universities, including antisemitic attacks, is roiling the Ivy Leagues especially.
Texas Prisoner Who Leads Death Row Worship Faces Execution
The case of prison convert Will Speer shows the significance of ‘peers’ leading ministry behind bars.
‘Sound of Freedom’ Star Tim Ballard Accused of Preying on Staff on Undercover Missions
In a lawsuit five women allege the anti-trafficking hero sexually assaulted them, raising the question of whether ministries should engage in such off-the-grid operations.
Billions in Federal Aid Helped Christian Orgs Survive the Pandemic
A CT analysis of federal data shows that ministries received about $7 billion in forgiven PPP loans, with about a third of US churches receiving funding.
COVID-19 Hit Black Churches Harder, but They Weathered It Better
New research shows how Black churches suffered during the pandemic. But these congregations also found unity where others were torn apart.
PEPFAR Fight Worries African Christian Leaders
Those in the countries where the HIV/AIDS program has saved millions of lives feel sidelined by the American debate.
New Yorkers Watch as Their Only Evangelical Colleges Close
The abrupt departure of Alliance University and The King’s College leaves a hole in an influential city.
After Keller’s Death, Redeemer Members Carry on His Small Church Vision
The New York pastor never wanted to build a megachurch.
Don’t Waste Your Life: How One Family Stopped Being Trashy Christians
These Tennesseans are finding ways to live without adding to the landfill. But they aren’t finding a lot of “zero waste” company.
What the US Can Learn from PEPFAR
Researcher Deborah Birx, former head of the now-embattled Bush program, thinks US churches can fight diseases like African churches fought HIV/AIDS.
Pro-Life Dispute Leaves Program for HIV/AIDS Patients in Peril
A negative score from groups accusing PEPFAR of supporting abortion threatens the program’s five-year renewal.
What Anti-Trafficking Experts Think of the Hit Movie ‘Sound of Freedom’
Ministries and former law enforcement have some caveats to add to the film about Operation Underground Railroad’s Tim Ballard.
The Young Christian Who Took Johnson & Johnson to Court
Hanna Wilt testified to God’s presence in a terminal diagnosis while pursuing a case against the pharmaceutical giant over its baby powder.
After 140 Years, Alliance University Will Close
Formerly Nyack College, the school was in bad financial shape for several years. The loss of accreditation earlier this week forced a reckoning.
Supreme Court Upholds Law on Native Adoptions
Native American Christians, involved in both their tribes and in child placement situations, know the complexity of these cases better than most.
The Presbyterian Church in America Has an Abuse Crisis Too
Women thought the PCA, with its robust system of governance, might provide some accountability. They found that was not the case.
US Slavic Churches Booming with Ukrainian War Refugees
One generation of Soviet refugees is welcoming another.
How an Oklahoma Death Penalty Case Shook Up Evangelical Views on Execution
Richard Glossip was set to be lethally injected this month. His case is sowing doubt in the system.