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Boarding School Alumni Push for a New Kind of Abuse Investigation
Uncovering decades of allegations out of the Christian Academy of Japan, investigators tried new tactics to facilitate repentance and healing.
The King’s College Secures Loan, But Faces Threat of Closure
One of the few evangelical colleges in New York City is in sudden financial crisis, and students are planning for a possible shutdown.
Buffalo Survivors to Shooter: ‘You Will Not Escape the Fury of the Almighty’
At Wednesday's sentencing hearing, family members quote Scripture and evoke God's vengeance and mercy.
With Sports Betting Surge, Churches Should Up the Ante on Addiction Recovery
As the Super Bowl pulls in record wagers, more people are seeking help for problem gambling. Christians can pull lessons from the opioid crisis to help with treatment.
Pro-Life Protestor Acquitted in Federal Case
The case of Mark Houck was one of more than two dozen the DOJ has pursued against pro-life protestors since “Dobbs.”
Put Not Your Trust in ChatGPT, for Now
Q&A with a veteran AI engineer and entrepreneur, Tom Kehler, about the limits of the popular chatbot and the wonders of the human brain.
US Allows Individuals to Sponsor Refugees
Americans can now independently resettle those fleeing war and persecution. Christian resettlement agencies are largely on board.
Federal Judge Tosses Challenge to Christian College Exemptions
In the ongoing tension between religious liberty and LGBT rights, the Department of Education and CCCU win one victory.
Wheel and Heal: Medical Bus Wins Award for Church Innovation
After hospitals closed in rural Tennessee, church volunteers stepped in to provide basic care, cut hair, and pull teeth.
US Branch Splits from Open Doors International
Open Doors USA is now Global Christian Relief, but there is little indication of what led to the break.
Libraries Aren’t Safe, But They Are Good
Amid controversies and threats of defunding, Christian public librarians work for the good of their communities.
What Language Is This? Coptic Comes to Christmas
A new song highlights a growing interest outside the Egyptian church in reviving an ancient language of the Christian world.
State Finds ‘Substantial Evidence’ for Retaliation Charge at Illinois Church
A firing at Dane Ortlund’s Naperville Presbyterian Church spurred a rare legal determination that could be a useful case study for churches.
The Real Miracle on the Set of ‘The Chosen’ Is Christians Coming Together
People around the world have found a passionate community in the hit show about Jesus. With a new season, can it keep navigating fan, investor, and religious demands?
Makoto Fujimura Awarded Kuyper Prize
The prize, named for the Reformed theologian who defended art’s importance, goes to a visual artist for the first time.
Some American Protestants Aren’t Letting Go of Revolution
As partisan fighting turns into physical attacks against public figures, evangelicals lack consensus on when political violence is justified.
In a Sea of National Tragedies, Look to Buffalo’s Christians
Those who lived through the racially motivated attacks are focusing on the local to see progress.
Nursing Homes Still Haven’t Recovered from Pandemic Loneliness
Ministries double-down on efforts to build community in the wake of debilitating isolation.
What Can Kids Draw from the Chess Cheating Controversy?
As chess champion Magnus Carlsen accuses an American grandmaster, coaches are trying to develop a virtuous love of the game in young players.
Don’t Leave Migrant Ministry to the Border
Q&A with Sami DiPasquale, head of an El Paso nonprofit, on what the surge of asylum seekers is like on the ground and how the church all over the country can help.