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The Secrets of a Giving Church
Why one denomination’s members give way more than your church's members do.
The Craziest Statistic You'll Read About North American Missions
An astonishing number of non-Christians in the U.S. and Canada don't know any Christians. Here's why.
Does Where We Worship Matter?
What I learned from my church culture shock.
'Fittest Man on Earth' Credits Christ with Improbable Three-Peat
CrossFit champ’s path to victory started with Galatians tattoo.
Only 1 Out of 3 Evangelicals Want To Live Forever
On earth, that is, according to Pew study on modern medicine extending life to near-biblical lengths.
Rick Warren Shuts Down 179 Fake Facebook Pages 'Making Money on My Son's Death'
But dozens more spoof sites are still out there....
Assemblies of God Surge, But Speaking in Tongues Slumps
Churches continue to grow and diversify at enviable rate. But is distinctive teaching being lost amid outreach efforts?
Will University Strip C. S. Lewis from Science Course?
(UPDATED) Ball State decides intelligent design must go, but professor may stay.
Bourbon Street's Notorious Nightlife Gains One More Controversial Activity: Preaching
New Orleans backs down on 2011 ban that led to arrest of pastors.
Christian Baseball Star Relinquishes Right to 'Play Hard, Pray Harder'
Josh Hamilton 'turns the other cheek' in lawsuit from Christian sports-apparel start-up over shared slogan.
'Wrath of God' Keeps Popular Worship Song Out of 10,000-Plus Churches
(UPDATED) The hymn's controversial lyrics are now making waves among Southern Baptists.
Why Fewer Churches Offer Vacation Bible School
VBS began in a beer hall more than 100 years ago. Here’s what it looks like today.
Nigerian Pastor Frees Muslim Prisoners for Ramadan, But Bombings Continue
(UPDATED) Goodwill gesture in Kaduna overshadowed as dozens die in Christian neighborhood of Kano.
Rick Warren's First Sermon Since Son's Suicide Promises Push on Mental Health
Pastor envisions campaign to rival megachurch’s work on HIV/AIDS.
The 'European' Country That's Less Christian Than North Korea
Surprising stats on how many non-Christians worldwide have Christian friends.
Where Afghan Christians Flee After Converting to Christianity
Capital city of nearby country becomes haven for converts—even though denied refugee status.
4,500 Crosses Are Not a Church-State Problem—Unless in Shape of Giant Cross
Theft of Colorado display on childhood poverty sparks debate over public religious symbols.
Britain Approves Plan to Partner with Church to Manage School System
Thousands of British schools could have new, Church of England-appointed leadership
Survey: Evangelicals Increasingly Countercultural on Same-Sex Issues
Nearly one-third of Catholics approve of same-sex marriage, but only 2 percent of evangelicals say the same.
Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Homicide Conviction for Faith-Healing Parents
Without legal standards on child neglect, parents who let their 11-year-old daughter die argued that they were denied free exercise of religion.