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When a Film Practices What It Preaches . . .

The filmmakers of 'As We Forgive' encourage others to help reconciliation efforts in Rwanda

Laura Waters Hinson's excellent documentary, As We Forgive, examines radical forgiveness and reconciliation in Rwanda, a nation still healing from the 1994 ethnic genocide that took the lives of as many as 1 million of its citizens. (I heard several amazing stories of forgiveness in my own trip to Rwanda last year.)

For Lent, Hinson and her team have launched a 40 Days of Forgiveness campaign, encouraging people to "join us this Easter season to build a village of reconciliation" in Rwanda – through hosting a screening of the film, buying the DVD or other merchandise, and/or making a contribution to Living Bricks, a partner with Prison Fellowship in building homes for those Rwandans who have reconciled . . . and encouraging others to do likewise.

They've also launched a 40 Days blog, where various artists and writers are weighing in with their thoughts on forgiveness and reconciliation. (So far, myself and musician Sara Groves are the first bloggers, but more are to come in the weeks ahead.)

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