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La educación teológica no va a la par del crecimiento global de la iglesia
Muchos seminarios siguen en posiciones de privilegio. Entretanto, la mayoría de los líderes de las iglesias locales necesitan capacitación.
Be Afraid Episode 0|33min
Season One Introduction
Horror is having a moment … and we are too.
There’s No One Equation for Educating Christian Kids
God will be faithful to our children, and we can trust him no matter where they go to school.
A Handful of Churches Split from the Christian and Missionary Alliance over Women in Ministry
New position on ordination and titles pushed some “beyond where their convictions would allow them to go.”
The Bulletin Episode 43|1 hr 1min
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Candidates debate, PEPFAR languishes, and the Hispanic church grows.
Shannon Harris Wasn’t Content with Being a Purity Culture Stagehand
Her new memoir brings her voice into the story of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." It also brings in an entirely different gospel.
The Universe Is Not a Horror Show
We live in a world haunted by sin and suffering. But it’s also one that points us to a glory beyond imagining.
German Homeschoolers Face Deportation After 15 Years in the US
The Christian family says their status has been revoked without warning.
Artsakh Exodus: Armenians Mourn As 85,000 Flee Christian Homeland
Azerbaijani offensive shatters 33-year effort at nation-building, depopulating majority of enclave from fear of genocide. Despite depression, Bible Society leader says “God will not abandon us.”
Viral JesusEpisode 82|51min
‘Your Brain Is Not Broken’
University chaplain José Bourget’s adult ADHD diagnosis helped him see himself—and his God—in a different light.
Conspiracist Thinking Is Cultural Marxism
Marx’s view of history powerfully shaped how we think about time and power, but it’s not the Bible’s view.
Cómo la arqueología afirmó la importancia histórica de David
Alguna vez, la «casa de David» parecía un cuento popular. Ahora, las rocas dan testimonio de su significado histórico.
Our Church Lost Three Men to Suicide in Two Years
As a pastor, I’ve learned that the church can play a vital role in helping members with mental health issues.
Shaken Yet Stirred: Turkish Christians Advise Moroccan Church on Earthquake Aid
From Istanbul to Marrakesh, disaster relief can help Muslim-background believers legitimize their faith. But first, say Turks, the church must be united.
AI Has No Place in the Pulpit
Technology can serve the church. But it can’t replace the good, frustrating, endless work of ministry.
La mise en péril du plan américain de lutte contre le VIH inquiète les chrétiens africains.
Les habitants des pays où le programme PEPFAR a sauvé des millions de vies se sentent laissés de côté dans les débats en cours aux États-Unis.
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 73|39min
Meaning, Money, and Affection: What We’re Reading
Russell and producer Ashley Hales talk books.
Реакція російських євангельських християн на справу найбільш розшукуваного російського баптиста
Колишній голова Союзу баптистів виїхав за кордон, ставши першим протестантом, проти якого було висунуто звинувачення в протидії війні в Україні. На батьківщині його підтримують не всі.

Top Story September 29, 2023

German Homeschoolers Face Deportation After 15 Years in the US
German Homeschoolers Face Deportation After 15 Years in the US
The Christian family says their status has been revoked without warning.

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