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Gen Z Christians Want Leaders to Keep It Real
That means dropping the façade and admitting their own struggles.
Hillsong Says It Is Moving Forward
New revelations will require increased accountability, but pastor wants to look to the future.
Чи повинні месіанські євреї Росії та України повертатися до Ізраїлю?
Духовні лідери російськомовних послідовників Єшуа обговорюють, чим є алія – заповіддю, благословенням чи питанням вибору.
Должны ли мессианские евреи России и Украины возвращаться в Израиль?
Духовные лидеры русскоговорящих последователей Иешуа обсуждают, чем является алия – заповедью, благословением или вопросом выбора.
Company that Trademarked ‘Worship Leader’ Makes Others Drop the Term
Popular meme accounts lose social media pages after being reported by Authentic Media, which says it coined the phrase.
Christians from Myanmar Call for the Release of Jailed Baptist Leader
Hkalam Samson, former head of the Kachin Baptist Convention, was internationally known for his advocacy
Russian Christians Make Theological Case for Peace
Anonymous Christmas condemnation of invasion offers insight into antiwar movement as it seeks reconciliation with Ukrainian believers—who want names.
À qui irons-nous ? Des anglicans du Sud rejettent le leadership de Canterbury
Après la décision « disqualifiante » de l’Église d’Angleterre de bénir des mariages entre personnes du même sexe, un rassemblement d’anglicans conservateurs se prépare pour avril.
Evangelicals Are the Most Beloved US Faith Group Among Evangelicals
And among the worst-rated by everybody else.
Boarding School Alumni Push for a New Kind of Abuse Investigation
Uncovering decades of allegations out of the Christian Academy of Japan, investigators tried new tactics to facilitate repentance and healing.
Tim Keller Calls on God’s ‘Providential Oversight’ Amid Treatment for New Tumors
Three years into his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, the New York pastor will undergo immunotherapy again.
Fallait-il distribuer des bibles aux sinistrés ?
Réalités des croyants turcs et syriens au service de leurs concitoyens chrétiens et musulmans frappés par le tremblement de terre de février.
Should Messianic Jews Return to Israel from Russia and Ukraine?
Leaders of Russian-speaking followers of Yeshua discuss whether making aliyah is a commandment, a blessing, or a choice.
To Whom Shall We Go? Global South Anglicans Reject Canterbury’s Leadership
Conservative Anglicans’ gathering in April comes after the Church of England’s “disqualifying” decision to bless same-sex marriages.
Christian Conservationists Sue to Protect Ghana Forest
Bauxite mining would threaten birds, plants, and clean water.
Convenção Batista do Sul desfilia a igreja de Rick Warren
Também ficou determinado que outras quatro congregações que têm pastoras não atuam em “cooperação amigável” com a SBC, bem como uma foi removida, devido à sua resposta a abuso.

Top Story March 26, 2023

Christians, Stop ‘Giving Up God’ for Lent
Christians, Stop ‘Giving Up God’ for Lent
In an age of functional atheism, ‘tis the season for traditional fasting and prayer.

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