This week, Heather sits down with Viral Jesus Hall of Famer Esau McCaulley to discuss his powerful new book, How Far to The Promised Land, Esau explains why it is important to reexamine the idea of Black excellence, and he encourages us to remember that we are a part of a story that started long before us and will continue long after.

In this episode Heather also taps into a lighter conversation with her best friend and co-blogger Scarlett Longstreet in Safe Space, a new segment in which Heather and Scarlett discuss social media, popular culture, and other random topics. Today they discuss what it’s like to maintain a close friendship with someone who possesses different values.
Heather and Scarlett are very different. They don’t share the same religion or ethnic background, but they’ve done a good job of creating a Safe Space for both meaningful and casual conversation.

Guest Bio
Esau McCaulley is associate professor of New Testament at Wheaton College and theologian in residence at Progressive Baptist Church, a historically Black congregation in Chicago. His latest book, How Far to the Promised Land: One Black Family’s Story of Hope and Survival in the American South, released in September 2023. He is also the author of the award-winning book Reading While Black and the children’s book Josey Johnson’s Hair and the Holy Spirit. He is a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times. His writings have also appeared in The Atlantic,The Washington Post, and Christianity Today.

Host Bio
Heather Thompson Day is an associate professor of communication at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. She is the author of eight books, including I’ll See You Tomorrow and It’s Not Your Turn. Reach out to Heather on X, the app formerly known as Twitter, at @HeatherTDay and on Instagram @heatherthompsonday.

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