Singer-songwriter Sara Groves knows a thing or two about storytelling. However, in the experience of these recent years, Sara realized she still had much to learn about the narratives that shape us.

In this episode of The Slow Work, host Sandra McCracken welcomes Sara for a thoughtful, honest conversation about the stories we tell and how we tell them. The two explore how to tend the slow fires of creativity and how to bear witness to the hard stories within and around us. From songwriting sessions to the redemptive voice of activism, McCracken and Groves discuss how to produce generative work in a world that often obscures the truth and marginalizes the vulnerable.

Special Guest:
Sara Groves is a 20-plus year veteran singer-songwriter and recording artist with a passion for justice. Since 2005 she has been an artist advocate with International Justice Mission, a global organization that works to protect the poor from violence. At home in Minnesota, Sara and her husband, Troy, run a community art center, Art House North, out of a 110-year-old church where Sara has recorded her last two of 15 albums—Abide With Me, a collection of hymns, and Joy of Every Longing Heart, a Christmas collection.

Resources Referenced:
The Fold
Chronicles: Volume One by Bob Dylan
“My Dream” by Sara Groves
Get Low

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