In this week’s news roundup, host Mike Cosper and editor in chief Russell Moore wrestle with culture wars of a related kind, discussing the divisive responses to the recent mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado and the silent courage of Iranian sports figures against their domineering government. Listen in as Cosper and Moore lament the ideological tropes we cling to in the face of dehumanizing tragedy, and find hope in the stories of real life heroes whose courage exposes online virtue signaling for the hollow artifice that it is. News editor Daniel Silliman joins the conversation in a new feature called, “Hey, Daniel! What’s weird?” to discuss the history of pumpkin pie.

Joining us this week:
Daniel Silliman is a journalist and a historian. He is the news editor for Christianity Today, the author of a history of bestselling evangelical fiction, and teaches humanities at Milligan University. Daniel spent several years as a crime reporter outside Atlanta before pursuing higher education in Germany, earning a MA from Tübingen University and a doctoral degree from Heidelberg University. He has reported and edited news coverage for CT since 2019.

Resources referenced:
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Daniel Silliman’s viral Thanksgiving tweet
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