CT Classic

A Gadfly in the House
Amid all the pulse takers and poll watchers in Congress, Rep. Henry Hyde, who died this morning, was more interested in being right than in being popular.
From 1976: A Minister Is Missing
Donald LaRose: Victim or victimizer? Plus: The Finding of a Minister.
Supernatural Sagas of Good and Evil
The foolish things of Madeleine L'Engle.
CT Classic: Madeleine L'Engle on Allegory and Prayer
"It seemed ironic and unfair that just as I was turning closer to God, I couldn't sell anything I wrote."
The Coral Ridge Strategy
D. James Kennedy explains how lay evangelism can lead to exponential growth.
Love Covers—or Discovers?
Every cat knows some things need to be buried.
Cancer's Unexpected Blessings
When you enter the Valley of the Shadow of Death, things change.
The Importance of Being Western
Why are we so embarrassed that Columbus ever set foot in the New World?
The Passivity Of American Christians
The myths that are intimidating those who hold forth a biblical heritage, and what can be done about them.
Superman on the Screen: Counterfeit Myth?
Heroes have disappeared. They have been replaced by superheroes-fantasy creatures.
Moved into the Presence of God
Ruth Graham tells what book has influenced her the most.
Afraid of the Right Things
One fear puts all others in proper perspective.
Winning Isn't Everything
Recent political successes could spell disaster for the church's mission.
Money & Power
Money is a master calling for complete obedience.
What Makes the Korean Church Grow?
The simple secrets of its remarkable expansion.
Lennon's 'Last Temptation'
The symbol of the sixties is desecrated, and a generation falls headlong into its midlife crisis.
Gerald Ford: Prayer and a Quiet Faith
Christianity Today's take on a then-new president.
Gerald R. Ford: Lessons From The Presidency
Gerald R. Ford's May 28, 1977, commencement address to his son and 180 other Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary graduates.
Christmas Shame
The year we had no tree, Mother planted within me a seed of discontent with all cultural displays of religion.
Yes to Shame and Glory
Mary is a model of openness to the power of God.

Top Story April 20, 2024

You Can’t Reach People for Christ While Holding Their Culture at Arm’s Length
You Can’t Reach People for Christ While Holding Their Culture at Arm’s Length
A veteran missiologist shares a lifetime of lessons on bringing the gospel into unfamiliar settings.

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