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October 2023
Volume 67, Number 7
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About This Issue
How are the ways we interact with artificial intelligence shaping us? Our cover story this month explores how Christians working in tech fields are thinking through the ethical and spiritual implications of this and other AI-related questions. Also in this issue: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s prison poetry, compensation for women’s ministry leaders, and insights from Hebrews on Christ’s solidarity in human suffering.
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Cover Story

AI Will Shape Your Soul
But how is up to us.


My High Priest Understands My Pain
Jesus’ mercy is in his complete understanding of our hurt, not only in his ability to solve it.
Colombian Christians Preached Social Justice. Practicing It Is Harder.
The birthplace of “integral mission” is also the epicenter of a migration crisis. It’s difficult to get local churches to care.
The Cost of Creativity: Bonhoeffer Set Aside Ethics For Art. Did He Choose Well?
The theologian set aside his nearly finished magnum opus while in prison, investing instead in creative writing.
I Hadn’t Committed Suicide. But I Was Spiritually Dead.
The prison ID’ed the wrong man. But the mistake was powerfully revealing.


Christian Imagination Can Change Our Culture Wars
Stories and parables can heal division.
The Middle Ground Leads to Nowhere
Neutrality doesn’t work in church. But we can recover the heart of our faith.
How to Handle Toxic Friendships
3 tools to help us develop empathy.
Honor Thy Church Mothers—with Wages
Despite their crucial role in congregational life, 83 percent of women’s ministry leaders remain unpaid.
Do Not Conform to the Work Habits of AI
Robots will come for our jobs if we do our jobs like robots.
Culture War Is Not Spiritual Warfare
Our ideological opponents are not the enemy.


The Gospel Is Greater Than Its Greatest Proclaimers
That fact should bring humility to our evangelism, even as it spurs us to keep sharing the Good News.
Take a Risk and Make a Friend
With God’s help, a little intentionality can go a long way toward healing our loneliness.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Rachel Hauck, author of “The Best Summer of Our Lives”.
Sticking Out and Fitting In as an Asian American Believer
Theologian Michelle Lee-Barnewall reflects on her ethnic identity and her identity in Christ.
5 Books on the Witness of the Old Testament Prophets
Chosen by Andrew Abernethy, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, coeditor of “The Prophets and the Apostolic Witness,” and author of “Savoring Scripture: A Six-Step Guide to Studying the Bible.”


Christians Seek to Expand Holy Land Tours to Include Christians
Arab believers want American visitors to see the “living stones” in Israel.
Putting Christian and Missionary Alliance Theology in Song
What if worship music got a little more denominationally specific? A new artists’ collective is experimenting with that.
Praise Him with Harp and Tuba?
When SBC worship leaders look to their congregations for musical talent, this is what they find.
Stowaway Pastor Survives Atlantic Crossing
And other brief news stories from Christians around the world.
New Yorkers Watch as Their Only Evangelical Colleges Close
The abrupt departure of Alliance University and The King’s College leaves a hole in an influential city.

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