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January/February 2022
Volume 66, Number 1
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About This Issue
For all the alarms sounded today over declining reading habits, and for all the fears that social-media shallowness has crowded out serious thinking, people still make a big deal of books. We buy them and read them. We discuss and debate them. And we still sense that the deepest, most enduring truths about God and man, about history and contemporary life, are found not on Twitter threads but on the printed page. This is one reason we’re dedicating the bulk of this issue not only to our annual Book Awards but also to books themselves, in the form of excepts from awards finalists (and several winners) that shine a light on some of the finest Christian thinking happening today.
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Cover Story

Christianity Today’s 2022 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.


The Cosmos Is More Crowded Than You Think
How an old prayer and a newborn baby changed my perspective on angels.
Black Christians Are Confronting Black Lies About Faith
How urban apologetics contends against the distortions promoted by “Black Conscious” movements.
John Stott’s Global God
The evangelical leader invested resources in Christian leaders around the world. Now those leaders are blessing the Western church.
If I Had to Bow to an Idol, It Would Be the Sun
No other created object tells us more about the real God.
How White Rule Ended in Missions
Western missionaries championed racial equality abroad while struggling with it in their own ranks.
Evangelicals Have Made The Trinity a Means to an End. It’s Time to Change That.
For 2,000 years, church leaders held to the same Trinitarian doctrine. How did we lose our way?
Blessed Are Those Who Embody the Beautitudes
As we search for meaning in the “blessings,” we must let them transform us.
Parents Set the Pace for Their Adult Children’s Religious Life
“Handing Down the Faith” shows a vast majority of Americans don’t choose their religious beliefs. They inherit them.
Are the Arts a Tool, a Temptation, or a Distraction?
In “Discovering God Through the Arts,” Terry Glaspey says Christians haven’t always been suspicious of creative expression.
Henrietta Mears, the Improbable Evangelical Leader
A new biography shows the Sunday school teacher played a key role in the movement, and the directions its leaders took.
The Poet Who Prepared the Ground for the Sexual Revolution
Percy Shelley’s 19th-century attacks on marriage, monogamy, and Christianity foreshadowed progressive attitudes today.
I Entered Prison a ‘Protestant.’ I Left a Christian.
How a violent Northern Ireland loyalist became a pastor and an evangelist.


Well Done, Good and Faithful Missionary
Paul wasn’t shy about seeking God’s approval of his work. Elliot Clark wants us to recover that sense of motivation.
Learning to Love Your Limits
Our overburdened lives are often a problem of theology, not time management.


The Christians Who Want to Return Parole to Illinois
A belief that people can change bolsters their movement.
As COVID-19 Death Tolls Rise, More Americans Want Religious Funerals
The trend toward secular memorials reverses for the first time in a decade.
Gleanings: January 2022
News from Christians around the world.
How Black Missionaries Are Being Written Back into the Story
Will fixing inaccurate representation encourage more minorities to “go into all the world”?

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