Single Christians Aren’t Waiting for Marriage to Become Parents

Foster parents of any stripe need help from the church. We (married) had two natural children then fostered a two-year-old we later became guardians to. We had good church inclusion because we were pretty “regular” (like everyone else). Making yourself different by being a single mom, especially with children of another race, opens you to a world of hurt and greatly increased understanding of others who don’t fit the “regular” mold.

Grace Ely
Kennewick, WA

Gleanings: April 2021

Hebrews warns us that the danger of being hardened and deceived by sin is a possibility for all of us. I will continue to read his books and pray for the future of his ministry.

John B. Rhodes
Batesville, MS

A Kentucky Church’s Secret to Handling Abuse Allegations: Humility

Transparent investigations like this are preventative. Potential abusers know that there is a greater risk that they will be exposed and suffer the consequences.

Dan W. Martin (Facebook)

The Digital Devil Looks to Devour

This pandemic has forced all of us to rely on social media to stay connected with our brothers and sisters. But there is a cost. Instead of the approval of God, it is the approval of others we seek through likes and dislikes and ratings. Instead of telling truth, we perform for others.

Glyn Davies
Aberdare, UK

The Cohabitation Dilemma Comes for America’s Pastors

As a military chaplain, I’ve had the opportunity to do premarital counseling with couples prior to one of them deploying. Too often, however, things like family traditions or cultural expectations prevent them from being able to have a ceremony in a church before one of them deploys. I have on occasion advised couples to get a courthouse wedding that allows the one left behind to get the civil benefits of marriage, and then supported the couple in the church ceremony with all the bells and whistles society expects upon the servicemember’s return.

Kevin L. Johnson
Virginia Beach, VA

The church needs to get out of the wedding business. The conflict over who can be married in the church would be eliminated if people got married in a civil ceremony. Then people who truly wanted to celebrate God’s blessing on their marriage could have a church celebration. Pastors could then do postmarital enrichment.

Charles Cerling
Niles, MI

Scripture may outline marriage, but it has no definition, lest it be the original decree: A man shall leave his father and mother, and cling to his woman. (And there is no word for wife or husband.) Clinging is marriage. Sex is marriage.

Derek Eshelbrenner
Havana, KS

How a Mother’s Love Built a School that Can Transform Hearts and Brains

This is so very encouraging and a beautiful reminder of what love can do to heal. Not just the act of love but love in the person of #Jesus!


The Missing Word in Our Reckonings on Race

I trust the authors [of Reparations] do not intend that readers conclude that the words repentance and reconciliation carry equivalent weight as white supremacy and reparations. The former come in power from the inspired Word of God and will hopefully generate the imagination of the church and motivate it to purge the infection of white supremacy and to follow the leading of the Spirit to repair its damage.

Mel Smith
Nashville, TN

Gender Identity Conversations Don’t Have to Be Scary

Jesus and his disciples were a group of people who lived on the fringes of society. The fact that Jesus existed made the authorities feel threatened. He died as everyone’s shame was projected on him. I think his experience lines up very well with that of the LGBT community.

Danny Palmquist
Bristol, CT

It is better to say how could church help [people] to get out of darkness rather than helping them to feel comfortable in their world. Jesus Christ came to make us free from our sin, not to comfort us while we are in captivity. Do you remember the story of Samaritan woman in John 4? What did Jesus do? With a humble approach, he asked her current issue then drew her to the truth.

Hilina Kebede
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Christian Science Gave Me the ‘Principle’ of Christ, but Never Christ Himself

Thank you for publishing the illuminating and beautifully written testimony of Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists founder Katherine Beim-Esche! I have found the ministry to be a great blessing as I tried to deal with the difficult aftereffects of having been immersed in Christian Science.

David Brunell
Knoxville, TN

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