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April 2021
Volume 65, Number 3
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About This Issue
Singles in America have been fostering and adopting children for decades. This month’s cover story documents the overlooked “single parents by choice” in the evangelical world. Churches, long committed almost exclusively to the nuclear family, have broadened their ministry approach to better embrace this group—even as many church leaders wrestle with the implications of Christians feeling called to raise kids outside of marriage.
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Cover Story

Christian Singles Aren’t Waiting for Marriage to Become Parents
As more unmarried women and men foster and adopt, how can the church provide what some nontraditional families cannot?


The Cohabitation Dilemma Comes for America’s Pastors
More evangelicals are living together before marriage. Church leaders struggle to respond.
Capturing the Heartbeat of Jerusalem’s Christians
11View SlideShow
Local photographer Ofir Barak documents the worship of the city’s religious stewards.
How a Mother’s Love Built a School that Can Transform Hearts and Brains
Jacob’s Ladder challenges special education norms thanks to Amy O’Dell's relentless belief in her son.
Christian Science Gave Me the ‘Principle’ of Christ, but Never Christ Himself
My journey from a religion of self-salvation to a faith that takes sin seriously.


Healing Is a Foretaste of Resurrection
Vaccines feel like a miracle. How much more the real miracle of eternal life?
What the Hummingbird Shows Us About God’s Handiwork
When God seems invisible, he may just be moving faster than we can see.
The Digital Devil Looks to Devour
Scripture and sermon can hardly compete with the charms (‘prelest’) of cable news and Twitter.
The Story of Barabbas Is No Mere Prisoner Swap
Much more was at stake than a criminal’s fate or a crowd’s preference.


The Missing Word in Our Reckonings on Race
Two pastors advocate reparations for victims of white supremacy.
Gender-Identity Conversations Don’t Have to Be Scary
Preston Sprinkle gives guidance on thinking biblically and listening in love.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Susan Meissner, author of “The Nature of Fragile Things” and “The Last Year of the War.”
Meet the Pro-Life Activist Who Narrowly Escaped Being Aborted
How Claire Culwell’s life changed when she discovered the shocking truth about her biological mother.
5 Books That Help Believers Persevere Through Doubt
Chosen by A. J. Swoboda, author of “After Doubt: How to Question Your Faith without Losing It.”


The Hiding Place: Asylum Seekers Pray to Leave Sanctuary Churches
Immigrants on ICE’s list may see kinder treatment from President Biden, but change hasn’t happened yet.
Did You Go to Church Last Week? Might Depend on Who’s Asking.
Why religion polling methods are changing.
Gleanings: April 2021
A Kentucky Church’s Secret to Handling Abuse Allegations: Humility
Tates Creek Presbyterian won praise for its transparent investigation. Then it had to do it again.

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