March (Web-only) 2012

Q & A: John Piper on Racism, Reconciliation, and Theology after Trayvon Martin's Death
The Minnesota pastor addresses the foundation for responding to questions on race.
Evangelical Evolutionists Meet in New York
N. T. Wright, Tim Keller, John Ortberg among Biologos conference attendees.
The Kid with a Bike
A boy's search for a father's love anchors this new masterpiece from the Dardenne brothers.
Mirror Mirror
Striking visuals and fun performances are marred by an insensible, jumbled story.
Wrath of the Titans
Damn the gods ... and these movies. A lame sequel to a lame remake. Zeus, help us!
Trayvon Martin, Hoodies, and the Power of Images
Understanding our visual writing helps explain how we respond to the case.
What Neuroscience Tells Us about Lenten Disciplines
Don't fast for a cause, but to shape your soul.
An Open Letter to My College Students
In the end-of-semester stress and exhaustion, my students have lost touch with the meaning of their education.
77's Still on the Edge
A 'Christian' band? Maybe. But the Sevens—and their album 'Sticks and Stones'—were one of the best ever.
Mike Daisey, Apple, and Our Culture's Crisis in Truth-Telling
Are "emotional truths" acceptable if they lead to greater awareness? How we answer matters a great deal.
The Perception Obstacle for Women Pursuing Leadership in Evangelical Workplaces
New research points to challenges female leaders face.
Clear the Stage
Unchartered Territory
A Church That Fits Our Needs
After This
When Christian Bookstores Ban Female Body Parts
Unpacking the Rachel Held Evans-Thomas Nelson dust-up over the 'v-word.'
Kirk Cameron's 'Monumental' Issues
Actor defends his comments to CNN about gays while talking up his new documentary.
Is It a Sin to Look Your Age?
How 'old is cold' stifles true beauty.
Religious Groups Still Weighing In on Obama Administration's Contraception Plan
A recent proposal by the administration tries to address previous religious freedom concerns.
Timeline: Obama Administration Actions Affecting U.S. Religious Freedom
How we got to the current religious liberty debates over contraception and other issues.
The Hunger Games
This adaptation captures the book almost perfectly. PLUS: Jesus in The Hunger Games, and a movie discussion guide.
Jesus in 'The Hunger Games'
In the face of persistent and pervasive darkness, hope shines through the cracks.
What Jason Russell's Mental Breakdown Shows Us about Ourselves
Our churches still have much to learn about mental illness.
Hungry for the Hunger Games: Why We Need Dystopian Tales
We can't shelter young readers from the world's violence forever.
A Christian Conspiracy Against 'Blue Like Jazz'?
Director Steve Taylor says Provident Films and Sherwood Pictures are 'out to get us.'
How Global Christians Build Bridges around Down Syndrome
Ministries recognize that those with Down syndrome are as valuable as anyone else.
Children with Down Syndrome: Will Culture Make Them Disappear?
Why we should see them as an endowment from God and not a mistaken diagnosis.
The Problem with 'October Baby,' A Christian Film About Abortion
No one wanted the film. Except audiences, apparently.
Confessions of a Lustful Christian Woman
The first step Christians can take to help women struggling with lust is to acknowledge that they exist.
Julie Lee & the Baby-Daddies
Port of Morrow
Rhine Gold
Breathe In
Confessions of a Male Feminist
I thought I was pro-woman, until I showed up at the 2012 women's film festival.
How Wealthy Social Conservatives Use Super PACs to Elevate Presidential Candidates
Records show how money has impacted the campaigns.
Natural Selection
A dutiful Christian wife grapples with her husband's deceit and her own regrets in a quirky road trip flick.
Marriage: When Pre-Engagement Hopes Meet Reality
Marriage: When Pre-Engagement Hopes Meet Reality
I used to think a husband would save me from loneliness. Now, engaged at age 39, I believe he'll save me from my self-centeredness.
The Best Naked Pregnant Woman on a Magazine Cover
Why Jessica Simpson's recent 'Elle' cover is worth celebrating.
Madeleine L'Engle Goes to the Movies
One of her lesser known novels, 'Camilla,' is headed to the big screen. Here's the story.
Dad-in-Chief: Parenting Lessons from Rick Santorum and President Obama
We need more political leaders modeling family sacrifice—especially for children with disabilities.
Interview: Why Sarah Macintosh Ran Away from CCM and Went Back
She left Christian music a decade ago, frustrated with the industry. Now she's back on a CCM label. Here's why.
Passion: White Flag
Anchors & Silhouettes
Stories to Tell
The Same Love
My Church's Lenten Challenge: Get a Tattoo
Sometimes in order to believe something, we need to bear it on our bodies.
What A Flight Attendant's Outburst Revealed About My Own Fear
The scare revealed I am more afraid of death than I should be.
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
A light, quirky, enjoyable love story for grown-ups.
John Carter
In a rousing adventure, the classic character saves Mars. After all, his initials are J.C.
'Am I Pretty?:' A Troubling Question among Christian Women Like Me
I have more in common with the girls asking "Am I ugly?" on YouTube than I care to admit.
The Church Is the Solution? Show Me the Stats
Why I haven't changed my mind on fighting poverty and the job of the church.
The Local Church's Neighbors Are Everywhere
The church isn't just a network of institutions trying to stretch across the globe.
Poverty Has Many Enemies
The solution does not require a choice between individuals and institutions.
The Biggest Poverty-Fighting Tool: Job Creation
Employment for the poor restores their dignity and keeps them off their knees.
We Can't Do Everything
But we can change systems to protect the poor, and that requires cooperation on all fronts.
What Do You Mean by Poverty?
Overcoming poverty is possible and proven. But superficiality has paralyzed the church.
Focus on Solving the Poverty of the Soul
Our aid to the poor should always address their area of greatest need.
Christians Really Do Reduce Poverty
Government change often can't get to the root of the problem of poverty. The church does.
Why 'Slut' Cuts to the Core—of All of Us
The furor over Rush Limbaugh's comments illustrates the power of a single word.
The Original 'Left Behind'
Forty years ago, 'A Thief in the Night' had scores of people wondering if they'd survive the rapture.
The Problem with Karen Kingsbury's Princess Books
As it turns out, Christian fairy tales are just as bad for little girls as their secular counterparts. We can do better.
Bruce Springsteen: The Stations of the Boss
The singer, the sinner's prayer, and my spiritual journey.
Wrecking Ball
Break It Yourself

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AI Preachers and Teachers? No Thanks, Say Most Americans.
AI Preachers and Teachers? No Thanks, Say Most Americans.
American Bible Society study finds majority don’t trust technology with spiritual matters.

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