Reimagining the Way You Relate to God
Skye Jethani (Thomas Nelson)

We were made to live with God; sin cuts us off from him. Unfortunately, many in the church adopt a posture toward God that only exacerbates the severed relationship. We try life over God, under God, from God, or for God—each posture offering a different way to manipulate God out of fear. Skye Jethani calls Christians back to a life of intimate communion with God, made possible only by Christ's work on the cross. In treasuring God for who he is, we are offered an enthralling vision of life with the only one who can satisfy the deepest longings of our souls.—Trevin Wax

God in a Brothel
An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue
Daniel Walker (InterVarsity)

While the book fails to shed new light on the problem of global sex trafficking, or to suggest ways for the church to help end it, undercover investigator Daniel Walker's honesty sets his story apart. Walker's enthusiasm sometimes borders on immaturity—he enjoys the excitement of dangerous situations where he can play the hero. But his struggles with the seductions of a sinful underground world, and his anguish over failed attempts to free women and children, make for compelling reading.—Elissa Cooper

Seven Days that Divide the World
The Beginning According to Genesis and Science
John C. Lennox (Zondervan)

As ongoing debates over the historicity of Adam clearly reveal, evangelicals continue to wrestle with how to reconcile the Genesis creation narrative with the findings of modern scientific investigation. John C. Lennox's fine book cannot be expected to resolve these difficulties to the satisfaction of all who profess a creator God, much less persuade those scientists who scoff at the notion. But he argues persuasively that evangelicals need not discard the discoveries of science. And perhaps his scholarly credentials—Lennox teaches mathematics and philosophy of science at Oxford University—will convince the scoffers to give Genesis another chance.—Matt Reynolds

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