Style: Retro pop-inspired bluegrass; compare to Nickel Creek, Simon & Garfunkel, Cadillac Sky

Top tracks: "Love We Left Behind," "Love Me Good & Plain," "Wake Up"

With the folk songwriting skills of James Taylor, the melodic affections of Nickel Creek and the agile musicianship of a legit bluegrass band, The Farewell Drifters hybrid of retro/folk/pop is a welcome intrigue to an ever-evolving acoustic music landscape. Blanketed with top-shelf harmonies, this debut from these Nashville "newgrassers" derives more vocal fashion from Paul Simon's folksong lyricism than Ricky Skaggs' nasal bluegrass bite. Effectively distinguishing themselves from their traditional, and often narrowly produced, contemporaries, the clever quintet swabs heartland songs with modern acoustic production. Add lyrical integrity congruous with the young men's faith and the band's fresh musical innovations should catch on quickly.

Yellow Tag Mondays
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
June 1, 2010
Heart Squeeze Records
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