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November 2008 2008
Volume 52, Number 11
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Cover Story

Hunger Isn't History
The world produces more food than ever. So why do nearly a billion people still not have enough to eat?
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Church Property Fights Change Case by Case
The rules in church property fights can change at the state border.
India Attacks Become Worse Than Ever
Christians knew the attacks were coming, but no one knew they would be this deadly.
Evangelical Moderates
Are they becoming less conservative? Or are they just saying so?
Passages: Recent Moves in the Evangelical World
James Skillen retiring, Bill McCartney unretiring, and other transitions.
The New Refugees
As the U.S. opens to Iraqis and Burmese, refugee ministries must adjust.
Editorial: Terror in Orissa
It's time for India to start acting like the world's largest democracy.
Quotations from the News
Recent remarks on emergent and emerging, female pastors, and other news developments.
Campuses Set Boundaries on Student Initiation Rites
Campuses set the rules on student initiation rites.
Go Figure
Widows who tithe, Southern Baptists who speak in tongues, and other news numbers.
News Briefs
Episcopal bishop removed, Google changes policy on abortion keyword, and Royal Society director resigns.
Editorial: Misunderstanding Sarah
Media reaction to Gov. Palin shows ignorance of evangelicalism.
Raising Hunger Awareness
Programs nationwide that Christians use to raise hunger awareness in their congregations and schools.
Urban Orphans Learn to Farm
At the Lazarus Project, the list of prayer requests is long, but food comes first.
CVP: Aliens and Citizens
In the body of Christ, we learn how to be both.
Islam According to Gallup
Analyst Dalia Mogahed says it's time to rethink what we think we know about Muslims.
Servant Evangelism in Portland
How Luis Palau, thousands of volunteers, and a gay mayor are trying to transform Portland.
Earthquake Allows Faith-Based Counseling in China
With approval from China's government, Robert Yeung brings faith-based counseling to those shaken by the May earthquake.
A Variety of Evangelical Politics
A recent spate of books suggests we are more politically diverse than ever — and maybe that's the way it's supposed to be.
The Good News in Oil and Acrylic
A missions center becomes a patron of the arts.
Reflections: Thrift
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Arends: Our Shalom Vocation
Peacemaking is more than not making waves.
Guthrie: All Monotheisms Are Not Alike
How the Apostles' Creed can sharpen our dialogue with Muslims.
Francis Schaeffer, Contentious Catalyst
Francis Schaeffer never stopped battling for the faith.
Short reviews of God in the Gallery, Hitler's Private Library, and The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday.
Review: <i>Electing Not To Vote</i>
Some Christians think voting is wasted effort.
Carolyn Nystrom's Top 5 Devotionals
On TV: Extreme Family
Jon & Kate Plus Eight is at home with faith.
Switchfoot's Foreman blends the Socratic and Spiritual
Switchfoot's Foreman blends the Socratic and spiritual.
Philip Yancey: Denominational Diagnostics
What I look for to find a healthy church.