"Defendants admit the use of sexually coarse, vulgar and demeaning language in the workplace, but maintain such language was essential to the creative process of developing scripts for the show."
California Second District Court of Appeal, reinstating a sexual harassment suit by a former writers' assistant for the television show Friends. The case is now before the state supreme court.
"One does not cut the roots to one's birthright."
Pope John Paul II, lamenting the new EU Constitution's omission of a reference to Europe's Christian heritage.
"Two members of the family have been longtime foes of this process of manufacturing human beings-my dad, Ronald Reagan during his lifetime, and me."
Michael Reagan, on media reports that the entire Reagan family promotes embryonic stem cell research.
"The born-again, one-hand-in-the-air prayer stance … resembles a Nazi salute."
Michael Atkinson, film reviewer for The Village Voice, criticizing the film Saved! for not savaging Christians' "naïveté, insecure leader-lust, psychotic self-righteousness, and medieval imbecility."
"Official Washington likes its religion beige, interfaith, tastefully alluded to rather than shouted from a mountaintop."
Hanna Rosin, former religion writer for The Washington Post, on President Reagan's funeral.

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Sources: Judicial Council of California, UPI, Human Events, The Village Voice, and The Washington Post.

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