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May 21 2002, 2002
Volume 46, Number 6
May 21
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Cover Story

The New Capital of Evangelicalism
"Move over, Wheaton and Colorado Springs—Dallas, Texas, has more megachurches, megaseminaries, and mega-Christian activity than any other American city."
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"Inside CT: Big City, Big Ministry"
How did a top-25 list of ministries become a cover story on Dallas?
Quotation Marks
"Comments on biblical prophecy, the war on terrorism, and plagiarism"
Go Figure
Statistics and numbers on the Protestant clergy shortage and The Prayer of Jabez
Creationism Scandalous
The debate over evolution takes Britain by storm
Blessing Abortion
Planned Parenthood is an odd assignment for a workplace chaplain
GOP Seeks Black Clergy Affiliations
Republicans say that attracting minorities is their number one priority.
Parsonage in Peril
Congress protects tax exemption
"It's Soccer, Not Quidditch"
Witch doctors and red devils populate the game of soccer
Witless Witness
Christians disrupt Wiccan celebration
Peace (and Quiet) Be With You
"Technology enters the church, for better or worse."
Sex Abuse: 'A Time of Justice'
California congregation plays critical role in arrest of sex abuser
Catholics: Coverups Prompt Demands for Resignation
New evidence suggests Boston archbishop protected known pedophile priests
New Dispensation? Camping: 'Leave Church'
Family Radio founder's latest teaching prompts church defections
Asian Americans: Embracing the Unwanted
Chinese American Christians are starting to become more openly prolife
Parents' Rights: Fatal Revelations
Massachusetts battles parents in tiny sect after two children die
West Bank: Crackdown Hits Churches
Mideast Christians torn over tough Israeli tactics at churches
France: Anti-Semitic Violence Spurs Crackdown
Attacks said to be prompted by violence in the Middle East
Colombia: Missionaries Defy Terrorist Threat in Colombia
U.S. Embassy says North Americans are guerrilla targets
Germany: Authorities Pull Plug on Power for Living
DeMoss Foundation says it is not a cult
India: Critics Assail Dialogue with Hindu Radicals
But some Christians see talks as an opportunity to build bridges in times of persecution
Nigeria: Where Adultery Means Death
Political and religious leaders clash in Nigeria over the increased use of Islamic law
"Goodbye, Dolly"
We need nothing less than a total ban on human cloning
Give Us a [Tax] Break
It is the state's business to discourage what hurts the community and encourage what builds it up
Sunday Colors
Dallas churches continue to challenge the racial divide
Parachurch Passion
A Dallas food pantry was transformed when it turned the tables on who should do ministry
Southwestern's Predicament
Can the biggest Protestant seminary in the world be both Southern Baptist and broadly evangelical?
Tex-Mex Orthodoxy
"A former Southern Baptist, Dmitri Royster is now a maverick of the Orthodox Church"
The Hispanic Challenge
It's not easy growing Christian leaders for Dallas's fastest-growing population
Fundamentalist With Flair
"Cantankerous Carl McIntire protested against nearly every major expression of 20th-century Christianity, and always with a flourish"
"Plus: 'You're Right, Dr. McIntire!'"
"In the world of ecumenical Protestantism, some owe Carl McIntire an apology for dismissing his warnings"
Want Better Grades? Go to Church
"Studies show that poor children who are active in a local congregation thrive in body and mind, as well as spirit"
Bottom-Up Apologist
"John Polkinghorne—particle physicist, Gifford lecturer, Templeton Prize–winner, and parish priest"
Cremation Confusion
Is it unscriptural for a Christian to be cremated?
Suffering & Grief
Quotations to stir the heart and mind
Uncle Sam Is Not Your Dad
The separation of church and state protects families too
Religion that's Fit to Print
The Dallas Morning News sets the standard for newspaper religion coverage
Joseph Girzone's modern messiah undergoes the Hollywood treatment
The Rolling Superchic[k] Revue
It's not just a band of shifting players. It's a state of mind and a movement
Servant in Chief
Jimmy Carter's journey from the White House to building houses