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Boston tells police to ignore gay sex at public rest areas:

  • Cops ordered to look away from public sex, what next? | Why does every gay spokesman have to be a champion for irresponsibility? Are there any who'll say the police were right in keeping rest areas free of predators, free of exhibitionists, free of anxieties for law-abiding citizens who simply wanted to be left alone? (Joe Fitzgerald, Boston Herald)
  • Public sex ruling stirs hot debate along highway | Our Supreme Judicial Court now says public sex is not illegal unless there's a good chance passers-by will see it. It's an enlightened view, it seems to me. Don't fret over what you can't see, or hear. (Margery Eagan, Boston Herald)
  • New rules alter line drawn on public sex | Massachusetts State Police will not automatically roust people meeting at roadside rest areas - even people believed to be engaging in sexual activity, according to new guidelines (The Boston Globe)
  • Cellucci: State won't allow sex in public areas | Despite police order, public sex will be prosecuted, says Massachusetts governor (The Boston Globe)
  • Cellucci vows enforcement of ban on sex at rest areas | "Public rest areas are not a place for sex, whether it's heterosexual (or) homosexual," says Massachusetts governor (Boston Herald)

Sexual ethics:

Anglican primates meet in North Carolina:

  • Church leaders gather in a divided communion | Although it is playing host a meeting of Anglican primates in North Carolina, the Episcopal Church is under fire from the leaders of some Anglican churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America who accuse their Episcopal counterparts of straying beyond the bounds of Christian tradition. (The New York Times)
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The Unification Church:

Holy Land theme park:


Resist the devil, and others will flee from you:

Other religions:

Supreme Court:

  • Good News after class | The combination of the group's highly proselytical message directed at very young children on school property and in close proximity to official school activities raises church-state separation concerns at least as serious as the free-speech concerns raised by the group's exclusion. (Editorial, The Washington Post)
  • U.S. Supreme Court to rule on L.A. adult bookstore case | Issue is fairness of zoning law (Associated Press)
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Zambia, a "Christian nation"

Monks evicted from monastery in Israel:


Church disputes:




  • Graven images, figurative art | Exhibition of 380 objects at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni tells tale of the environment Christianity encountered in the capital of the Roman Empire, and how Christians came to express themselves there in figurative terms (International Herald Tribune)
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Pope hosts showing of 2001:A Space Odyssey:

Missions & ministry:

Other stories of interest:

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