March (Web-only) 2001

Examining Peacocke's Plumage
"The winner of the 2001 Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion rejects everything resembling Christian orthodoxy, but that doesn't stop him from co-opting the language."
A Seeming Lack of Support from Religious Conservatives Forces White House to Postpone Faith-Based Initative
"Ted Turner's latest stupid comment, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world."
"In Orissa, You Must Ask the Government If You Want to Change Religion"
"Christian church leaders say they're trying to ignore the controversial law, but police aren't doing the same"
Koreans Plan Historic Easter Prayer for Christian Unity
"Taking advantage of calendar anomaly, Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox will celebrate together"
Vatican's New Ecumenical Officer May Smooth Relations with Protestants
Walter Kasper has criticized Dominus Iesus for treating Protestant denominations as not churches in the proper sense
Greater Ministries Found Guilty of 'One of the Largest Ponzi-Type Schemes Ever Investigated'
"Families On Line heads arrested, confusion at the White House over whether to move forward with faith-based initiative, and other stories from mainstream media sources"
Fate of Kidnapped Colombian Pastor Still Unknown
"FARC suspected, but so far there has been no word from Montealegre's abductors."
"Presbyterians Reject Ban on Same-Sex Unions, But More Over Government than Sexual Ethics"
"Anglican leaders don't do much in North Carolina, Raze cancels its tour, and more stories from other media."
"Violence that Hits Too Hard, Laughs that Fall Too Flat"
"A sampling of critical responses to this week's new movies. Does Fifteen Minutes commit the very sins it condemns? Are Get Over It, Company Man, and Blow Dry the kind of comedies that make you laugh, or cry? Are the folks in When Brendan Met Trudy too cru"
"As White House Pushes Ahead on Funding Faith-Based Groups, Senate Wants to Wait a Year"
"Madalyn Murray O'Hair's remains identified, religion and television, and other stories from media sources around the world."
Basketball: The Sport of Saints?
Basketball: The Sport of Saints?
Forget St. Pat's. It's time for March Madness, baby! (And yes, it's Christian.)
Hostel Fire Kills 26 Christian Students in Nigeria
Country reels from story of schoolgirls trapped behind locked doors and barred windows.
U.S. and Canadian Catholic Bishops Unite to Warn of Risk to Columbia River
"First pastoral letter written by Catholic bishops in two countries on a matter of social and political significance says river has been irresponsibly dammed, polluted and over-fished"
In England Many More Church Spires Will Be Home to Mobile Phone Antennae
"One quarter of Church of England parishes want to host towers, while some leaders wonder about risks."
Italy's Bishops are Advised to Remove Telecommunications Antennae From Church Spires
General secretary of the Bishops' Conference warns that hidden towers could compromise churches' integrity and spoil their appearance.
Are Scientists Taking Orders from Pat Robertson?
A essay accuses the Intelligent Design movement of being primarily an arm of conservative Republicans and the religious right.
"As Christian Singer is Arrested for Rape, More Troubles for Christian Music Loom"
Outside magazine takes a look at Christian environmentalists—and their Christian opponents
Zambian Churches and Lawyers Oppose Presidential Plan for Third Term
"Evangelicals, Catholics, and others unite against changing country's constitution."
New Methodist Leader Will Focus on the Family
General Secretary of the World Methodist Council wants to promote unified church identity.
"Take Up Arms Against Missionaries, Says Hindu Leader"
"Christian Coalition lawsuit story gets even crazier, and more stories from other media sources around the Internet"
Armenian Church Faces Up to Post-Communist Challenges
"Catholicos Karekin II defends country's religion law, which limits evangelism."
Poland Rethinks Supervision of 'Sects' After Minority Church Complaints
Non-Catholics claim pressure and persecution.
Federal Ruling May Mean Salvation Army's Moscow Problems Are Over
"Church able to register as centralized religious organization, but leaders say Moscow decision must still be overturned"
Five Christians Released in Brunei
Two remain in detention for alleged cult activities—smuggling Bibles and evangelism of Muslims.
The New York Times Criticizes Samaritan's Purse for Being Too Evangelistic
Franklin Graham's relief organization says newspaper got the story all wrong.
Would You Adam and Eve (Believe) It?
Archbishop of Canterbury backs abbreviated Bible in Cockney
Christians and Buddhists Build Bridges for Peace in Sri Lanka
Religious officials secret meeting with Tamil Tigers draws criticism.
"Sophomores Stumble, Masters Make Good"
"What film critics in the religious media are saying about The Mexican, See Spot Run, Yi Yi, Pollock, and other new films. Also, a fuss about a phenomenon that looks like it's here to stay—end-times movies."
"At NAE Convention, DiIulio Offers Feisty Defense, Outline of Faith-Based Plans"
"USAID responds to The New York Times article on Samaritan's Purse, and other stories from around the world"
"Episcopal Bishop Resigns After Court Decision, Blames Liberal Critics"
But Montana bishop Ci Jones vows to keep fighting after discipline for affair 20 years ago.
"100 Years After Excommunication, Church Cannot Look Kindly Upon Tolstoy"
Russian Orthodox hierarchy rejects request of writer's great-great-grandson.
Church Officials Optimistic that Iran Is Changing Its Views of Christians
"Vatican official, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei talk about improving Muslim-Christian relations."
Uproar in Boston as Police Are Told to Ignore Sex at Public Rest Areas
"A commentary-free edition of Weblog, including stories on the meeting of Anglican hierarchy in North Carolina, the Moonies, resisting the devil, and other topics"
Digging in China
Christianity in the world's most populous country may be a lot older than anybody imagined.
Russian Church Reassures Members Who Fear Codes Signify 'The Beast'
"Tax codes in no way a doctrinal matter, says Patriarch Alexei II."
New Delhi Conference Condemns 'Immense Suffering' in Caste System
National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights plans to appeal to United Nations.
"To Poland, for an Evening"
"Once in a great while, a film like Kieslowski's The Decalogue discovers how to transport an audience."
With God All Things Are Possible Made Possible as State Motto
Supreme Court lets lower court decision stand against religious graduation speech.
Persecuted Indonesian Christians Evacuated
"International Christian Concern and Christian Aid raising $1.2 million to rescue 7,000."
Clergyman Forced to Leave Zimbabwe After Criticizing Mugabe Government
Authorities revoke work permit of Presbyterian missionary who accused the government being involved in killings
Zimbabwe Church Officials Tell Mugabe to Respect Judiciary and Rule of Law
"Catholics, Baptists, and others criticize presidential pressure on Supreme Court."
"As Faith-Based Initiative Controversy Heats Up, Evangelicals Quarrel Over Race"
"White House was displeased by DiIulio's remarks to NAE, says Bush adviser."
Commission Will Try to Resolve Tensions Within Anglicanism Worldwide
"Group will examine strains over homosexuality, as well as role of Archbishop of Canterbury."
Ecumenical Leader Condemns Injustice of International Credit System
General secretary of the World Council of Churches complains that creditor nations get to dictate how to manage debt crisis
Priests Around the World Are Raping Nuns
"Hymns on the subway, and other stories from media sources around the world."
Dutch Churches in Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Euthanasia Law
"More than 50 religious and social organizations send petition to The Hague, hoping to defeat final vote."
Dutch Cardinal Says the Church Is Being Sidelined by the Government
Head of Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands says prime minister refuses to meet with him.
Can a Socialist be a Hero?
Critics in the religious and mainstream media respond to Enemy at the Gates and Exit Wounds.
Mormons Training to Take the Gold in Olympic Proselytism
"More on journalism and religion, and communion controversies continue."
Christians Call for India's Prime Minister and Government to Resign in Wake of Scandal
Web site releases tapes of party president taking bribes from men posing as arms dealers.
Catholic Clergy Concerned About Workers on Zimbabwe's White Farms
"This is no longer a free country, says Conference of Religious Superiors."
NAE Leader Says Evangelicals Feel Ignored By Bush
"King David accused of being a ruthless, homicidal scoundrel, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world."
Babywise Publisher Plans Contract Cancellation
Multnomah editor now considers Ezzo book dangerous
'Our Review Is Still In-Process'
Multnomah Responds to Christianity Today's coverage
Oil and Water
"In third-century Rome, baptism was high drama"
How Can I Keep From Singing?
Arne Bergstrom has looked suffering square in the eye all over the world. Now he sings about hope.
Southern Baptists Break Ties With Roman Catholic Church
"Russell Crowe was a Seventh-Day Adventist minister before he was a gladiator, CBN layoffs, and other stories from the world's mainstream media sources."
Church of England Objects to Vatican Ban on Sharing Communion
"Sharing of the Eucharist between Anglicans and Roman Catholics should not be reserved for the end point of unity between separated churches, say leaders."
What Did We Want? A Say in Hollywood! When Are We Getting It? Now!
"The BBC's digital Jesus, and other articles from mainstream media sources around the globe."
Church Leader Says Russia Needs To Adopt German-Style Church Tax
"Russian Orthodox Church facing financial difficulties, but suggestion is seen only as publicity ploy."
Will Isidore Be Patron Saint of the Internet? Pope John Paul Will Decide.
Announcement will likely coincide with release of document on Internet ethics.
"30,000 Christians Want Churches To Do More To Stop Torture"
International Federation of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture offers congregations resources to get involved
Educators Need Education on Religious Freedom
"The consequences of the unexpected death of Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod president A.L Barry, and other stories from around the world."
Oscar's Lessons
"Critical responses to Heartbreakers, Say It Isn't So, The Brothers, and other current features."
Appeals Court Overturns $109 Million Judgment Against Nuremburg Files Site
"The Visual Bible is in deep financial trouble, and other stories from around the world."
From the Fringe to the Fold
"Banning gay hugs, abortionist killer James Kopp finally arrested, and other stories from news media around the world"
Christian Education for All
The first Sunday schools provide a positive example of government partnerships with faith-based organizations
Georgia's Baptists Anxious After Losing Large Sum of Cash in Church Robbery
"Theft follows a number of attacks on religious minorities, including Baptists."
U.K. Churches Bring Prayers and Help as Foot-and-Mouth Devastates Farms
"Christians at forefront of relief effort, but also asking how outbreak could have been prevented."

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