Prosecutors say they will appeal El-Kosheh verdict
On Saturday, an official at Egypt's State Security Prosecution office said it would appeal the Feb. 5 acquittals of 96 Muslim murder suspects in last year's El-Kosheh massacre. Though observers say the acquittals were probably meant to avoid further violence between Muslims and Christians, Coptic Christian Bishop Wissa, whose diocese includes the village, says the ruling is an "open invitation for any one Muslim to kill Christians."

Was Lincoln an abolitionist?
Allen C. Guelzo, author of Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President (which won a ChristianityToday Book Award) wrote an article about the president as "a reluctant recruit to the abolitionist cause" for Friday's Washington Post. "Not even the most vigorous apologists for Lincoln can escape the very real differences between the emancipator and the abolitionists," Guelzo writes. "Only when those differences are allowed full play can we begin to recognize Lincoln's real place in the story of slavery's end in America. Though Lincoln and the abolitionists finally reached common ground, they did so along very different paths." He also quickly summarizes Lincoln's religion: "Lincoln rebelled against his parents' religion early in adolescence. He understood that the universe was run not by a god who could be influenced by prayer to change the course of human events, but by 'Law & Order.'" (See Books & Culture's review of Redeemer Presidenthere.)

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  • TV's Most Religious Family? | The Simpsons have soul (The Christian Century)
  • Earlier: Saint Flanders | He's the evangelical next door on The Simpsons, and that's okily dokily among many believers (Christianity Today, Feb. 5, 2001)


  • Vietnam war-era group accused | Vietnamese authorities have arrested 15 people for allegedly spreading Protestantism and advocating autonomy (Associated Press)
  • Vietnam authorities allow southern Protestant church meeting | Federation of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam gathering in Ho Chi Minh City is the first such conference for the group since the Vietnam War. (Radio Australia)
  • Group accuses Hanoi in unrest | Widespread protests in the central highlands of Vietnam this month were triggered by the arrest and torture of two Christian activists working for the rights of ethnic minorities, a U.S.-based group alleged Friday. (Associated Press)
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San Francisco Chronicle's special coverage of Moon's Unification Church:

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  • Abortion foes cheer Florida court ruling | Florida appeals court Friday unanimously upheld a state law requiring that parents or a judge be notified before a minor gets an abortion. (The Orlando Sentinel)
  • In the trenches of a new holy war | The Catholic bashers are loose in Albany, and nothing less than the religious freedom of all New Yorkers is at stake. (Rod Dreher, New York Post)

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