February (Web-only) 2001

The World Behind the Movie
The World Behind the Movie
Why Hollywood has a hard time getting Christianity right, and how we can tell when it does.
Ten Commandments Become Flesh, The
The Ten Commandments Become Flesh
A Polish director prods European and American audiences to consider God's timeless standards.
Honest Prayer, Beautiful Grace
Honest Prayer, Beautiful Grace
The messianic and passionate U2 sounds like itself again
Film Tries to Bridge Chasm Between Jews, Evangelicals
Film Tries to Bridge Chasm Between Jews, Evangelicals
A new documentary explores each group's concept of prayer, the Bible, and the Messiah.
Had Morse No Code?
Like much popular art, the finale of Inspector Morse functions like a dream of the collective unconscious.
Christian Coalition Sued for Racial Discrimination
African-American employees say they were denied front entrance, eating with white employees, and other opportunities
Turkmen Authorities Seal Country's Last Open Baptist Church
Turkmenistan's secret police continue to raid and harass Christians in Ashgabad.
Forget About Working Here Anymore, Amnesiac Pastor Told
Jehovah's Witness victory in Moscow may mean more religious freedom for all, and other stories from media around the world.
Report Sounds Alarm Over Mozambique's 'Black November'
Country's progressive reputation belies violent acts like the police suffocation of 88 dissidents last year.
Canadian Churches Urge Court Not to Allow Extradition
Canadian Council on Justice and Corrections say U.S. much guarantee no death penalty.
What is the Reason for the Season of Lent?
What's the University For?
In James Davison Hunter's The Hedgehog Review, academics nibble on the hands that feed them
At the Box Office, Left Behind Gets ... Well, You Know
Do two militant, angry men count as a massive protest? And other stories from media around the world
Politician Who Saw God's Hand in Gujarat Quake Forced to Resign
Civil aviation minister had told Christians that quake was God's judgment against persecution of Christians.
Pastor Forgets his Former Life ... and to Keep his Story Straight
Naked weddings in Jamaica, a patron saint of the Internet, and other stories from media outlets around the Internet.
We're Number 17! We're Number 17!
Christian critics discuss The Wedding Planner, Sugar and Spice, The Gift and Snatch—films that left Left Behind in the dust.
American Christian Stabbed to Death in China
Christianity.com expects a profit within a year, and other news stories and commentary pieces from media outlets around the world.
Tortured Baptist Prisoner Near Death in Turkmenistan
Meanwhile, More Protestant churches are raided in an attempt to crush Christian activity around Ashgabad.
Egypt Acquits All Muslim Murder Suspects
Judge blames Coptic clergy for inciting El-Kosheh hostilities.
Remembering Dale Evans and Jack Hyles
Who's to blame when the pastor calls a parishioner a slut from the pulpit? And other stories from around the world
Innovating with the Flow
John and Charles Wesley harnessed the momentum of their time
India's Quake Survivors Need Counseling
Earthquake survivors are desperate for more than material aid, Indian bishop warns
Letters to the Editor
Readers comment on God's role in our worship, the Holy Spirit's role in counseling, Ned Flanders's role on our last cover, and other Christianity Today topics
Return to the Father's House
Touchstone magazine examines God the Father and human fatherhood
Egypt Prosecutors Vow to Appeal El-Kosheh Verdict
Guelzo on Lincoln's abolitionism, seances make a comeback, and other stories from media around the world.
The Bush-Conservative Love Fest
Anti-divorce law, Bush's evangelical speechwriter, and other stories from news media around the world.
The Woman Who Invented China
The Woman Who Invented China
Pearl S. Buck's tireless work for the weak belied her own disappointment with mainline Christianity.
Should Charities Take Washington's Money?
Churches and ministries grapple with the ramifications of accepting federal funding.
What Hollywood Doesn't Know About Romantic Love
What Hollywood Doesn't Know About Romantic Love
Celebrating Valentine's Day in the spirit of the Song of Solomon
Does the Bible Really Say All That About Romance?
The Bible pictures God as a passionate, pursuant, and perfect lover.
Bonhoeffer in Love
Letters from 1943 to 1945 between the theologian and his fiancée reveal the other half of a costly discipleship
Militant Hindus Rampage Against Valentine's Day
Federal agents finally seize Indianapolis Baptist Temple, and other stories from media sources around the world
Vietnam Protestants Call Conference 'Miraculous'
But tribal minority Christians fear future persecution.
Four Christians Released in Nepal
Witnesses who accused the Christians of bribing converts fail to show in court.
Why Did the National Religious Broadcasters Split from the National Association of Evangelicals?
Federal appeals court says free speech comes before anti-harassment policy—and other news stories.
Pastors Aim to Sink Battleships
Twenty clergy are arrested at protest over Britain's Trident submarines.
India's Christians Face Continued Threats
We must preach what we believe in spite of Hindu pressure, says Operation Mobilization India leader.
Slate's Kinsley Questions Furor Over Converting Jews
The $1.4 million spanking, Ratzinger on rock, and many other stories from news media outlets around the world.
Marching to Zion
The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church celebrates its 200th anniversary today
Moscow Parish Overcomes the Sound Barrier
Small Russian church develops a sign language for the Orthodox liturgy
Beware the Women!
A conspiracy theorist claims the church is becoming too feminized
Disappearing, Reappearing Pastor May Be Forced to Disappear from Pulpit
Pat Boone's support for Eminem, religious license plates, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
Polish Lutheran Leader Wants Ecumenism
New leader aims to bridge the religious divide between Poland's Catholics and Protestants.
The Church of Jesus Christ?
Richard Wurmbrand gets his crown, Bush's Faith-Based Office opens, and other news stories and commentary pieces from media sources around the world
Churches Have Not Worked to End Dowry Practice
India's women are seen as less valuable than men in a society that supports bride burnings and suicide.
Turkmen Police Beat and Interrogate Two Christians
Beaten Baptist threatened with deportation from Turkmenistan
New York Isn't the Only City with a Last Supper Art Controversy
Evangelical leader in Oxford convicted of sexual abuse, and other stories from media around the world
Palestinian Priest Wins Niwano Peace Prize
Elias Chacour honored for peace education among Jewish, Muslim, and Christian youth in Israel.
U2's Bono Says He'd 'Like to Be' a Christian
Pat Robertson speaks again on Bush's faith-based initiative, tasty Lent, and other stories from around the world.
Episcopal Bishops Recommend Jones Be Defrocked
Episcopal Bishop of Montana to receive church's most severe punishment for sexual misconduct
'Mr. President, Why Do You Refuse to Respect the Wall Between the Church and State?'
Alcohol and homosexual advocacy, together at last; and other news stories, opinion pieces, and other articles from media around the world.
The Radical Kirk
The Church of Scotland has a long history of intense reforms.
Colombian Guerilla Offers No Clues to Missionaries' Fate
FBI says that Medina has no information on kidnapped New Tribes missionaries.
Another Prominent Pastor Kidnapped in Colombia
Family believes kidnapping is God's will so that Montealegre can witness to his abductors.
Catholics Not to Receive Anglican Eucharist
Dublin archbishop says Catholic policy doesn't allow intercommunion.
Row over Irish Prime Minister's Cancelled Visit to Shrine
MP resigns, but says it was his duty to warn the prime minister of possible violence after sectarian football match.
Letters to the Editor
Readers open up about the Openness debate, Christian video games, what constitutes true worship, and other Christianity Today topics.
Russia Recognizes Salvation Army as a Religious Organization
Officials say that doesn't restore status to the Army's Moscow branch.
Sri Lanka to Investigate Attack on Evangelical Church
Buddhist fervor for tradition and anger at Christian evangelism boils over in church assault.
Christian Reviewers Scowl Through Post-Oscar Slump
What film critics in the religious media are saying about Hannibal, 3000 Miles to Graceland, Down to Earth, and other big February films.
Supreme Court Apparently Offers 'Good News' for Bible Club
Ghosts of former Supreme Court decisions return to haunt college campuses, and other stories from around the world
Catholics and Protestants Discuss Indulgences
Groups dialogue for further understanding of differences, not to reach a theological consensus.
Once a Coin Into the Coffer Clings, Another Fugitive From Justice Springs
The post-Eminem outrage, a patron saint for lizard killers, and other stories from around the world.
Food for the Soul?
Lenten traditions range from fowl-turned-fish to pretzels
Vatican Attempts to Clarify Jesuit's Stance on Religious Pluralism
Belgian Priest writes that some goodness and truth in other religions does not derive from Christ.
Churches Angry that Indian Census Ignores 14 Million Christian Dalits
Only Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist members of untouchable caste being counted.

Top Story June 24, 2024

After Roe’s Reversal, Most Churches Still Aren’t Involved with a Local Pregnancy Center
After Roe’s Reversal, Most Churches Still Aren’t Involved with a Local Pregnancy Center
Over two years of new state-level restrictions, younger Christians, Hispanics, and megachurch attendees are more likely to say their congregation supports their community’s alternative to abortion clinics.

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