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December 3 2001, 2001
Volume 45, Number 15
December 3
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Cover Story

Welcoming the Uninvited Savior
"When the Holy Family fled Bethlehem, Herod's evil became a blessing for Egypt"
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All Dogs Go to Heaven?
A poll finds that 43 percent of Americans believe pets go to heaven
How to tell an orc from an ewok
On a Wing and a Prayer
Praying passengers alarm airlines
Go Figure
How many U.S. senior pastors have a gift of evangelism?
Quotation Marks
Comments on astrology after 9/11 and other topics
Billy's Last 'Crusade'?
Graham's next outreach to be a mission to be sensitive to other cultures
Bird Searches for Ark
World's highest-resolution commercial imaging satellite will investigate the Ararat Anomaly
Commercial Brake
Wine merchant Bulgarian Blueridge launches Jesus was born in a trough campaign
Maybe It's Mockery
Actor on new WB comedy doesn't feel his character makes Christianity the joke
Homeschooling Boosts Socialization
New study finds homeschooled children friendlier and more socially developed
Rethinking Pacifism
Many peace-church leaders, shaken by attacks, reexamine their beliefs
Economic Slump, Terrorism Jolt Giving
Charities unrelated to September 11 face a difficult year
Widow of September 11 Hero Starts Foundation
Todd M. Beamer fund established to care for children who lost parents on United Flight 93
Talk of Presbyterian Split Grows
Homosexual ordination, lordship of Christ are ongoing issues for conservatives
Public Religion: Ten Commandments Judge Praised and Panned
"Roy Moore fulfills a campaign promise with a 5,280-pound granite monument"
Pop Eschatology: Bible Prophecy Sales Boom
Whether scholarship or fiction, prophetic books are top sellers after September 11.
Witnesses Accused of Failing to Report Abuse
Two sisters are suing Watchtower Bible and Tract Society over policy to keep suspicions of sexual crime within the church
Agencies Scramble to Help
International relief organizations quickly work to aid Afghanistan refugees
U.S. Ally Jails House-Church Leaders
More than a dozen Christians imprisoned in Saudi Arabia since last summer
Orthodox Group Sues to Halt Church Center
Construction continues on congregational center in Israel pending court's ruling
Communists May Recognize Independent Christians
Communist leaders in China are preparing to give formal recognition to unregistered religious groups, but house-church leaders are wary
Vandals Attack Churches, Mosques
Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, 15 Australian religious buildings have been vandalized.
Reviving an Ancient Faith
Two strong-willed reformers bring Coptic Orthodoxy back to life
"I'd begun to think of joy as a hard taskmistress, and of Christmas as her nasty elder sister"
A Child Shall Lead Them
In strife-torn Colombia, a teenage girl guides 100,000 kids in the search for peace—and adults aren't far behind
The Art & Ethics of Fundraising
Evangelical relief agencies raise money to help hurting people. Critics say they manipulate donors. Agencies say they highlight the most telling truths. Who is right?
The Kamikaze of God
Two enemies—one attacked Pearl Harbor ; the other bombed Tokyo—find their lives eventually woven together by a Divine Wind
All They Need Is the Love Clinic
A Dallas program helps kids to say no to sex and drugs
Life After Christmas
Quotations to stir the heart and mind after the Christmas season
Leaving ‘Normal’ Behind
"Life before September 11 seemed more secure, but do we really want it back?"
Brother from Another Planet
"When a 15-foot-high stranger told Howard Finster to paint for God full time, he listened."
"Business Principles, Salvation Army-style"
What the nation's largest charity knows about leadership
Letter from a Muslim Seeker
Christians aren't the only ones asking 'Why?' after September's tragedy