Billy Graham has completed his outpatient therapy at the Mayo Clinic and returned home to Montreat, North Carolina, to resume his upcoming ministry schedule. The 81-year-old evangelist plans to preach three nights in Jacksonville, Florida, from November 2 to 5, although he admitted when leaving the hospital, "I've discovered I have just as much zeal for preaching the Gospel as ever, but I have had to realize that I am limited physically and must drastically reduce my schedule."Graham was hospitalized in June for several surgical procedures to treat hydrocephalus, a condition in which too much fluid builds up in the brain. After the surgeries he remained in Rochester, Minnesota, as an outpatient while doctors monitored his recovery and his Parkinson's condition. Graham's hospitalization kept him from the Amsterdam 2000 Evangelism Conference, and during the course of his recovery he was not well enough even to deliver an opening address by satellite as was previously anticipated.Graham said in a press release that he could never be the same person as before—either on the inside or outside. "But I do look forward to several more years of ministry as a result of my time here," he added.Graham also expressed his appreciation of the Mayo Clinic medical staff, saying, "I can only hope and pray that we in the church would become as dedicated to our spiritual ministry as the Mayo clinic is to medicine."Graham will preach Thursday, Friday, and Sunday evening in Florida, where he will be joined by crusade regulars George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows. Saturday night will feature a concert for teens performed by Jars of Clay, Kirk Franklin, and DC Talk. An evangelistic message will be shared that night by someone other than Graham.Larry Ross, Graham's spokesman, declined to comment on what a drastically reduced schedule would entail for the elderly evangelist, instead referring to comments Graham made in 1998. "The doctors said to slow down," Graham told the Religion News Service, "they didn't say 'stop.'"

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