September (Web-only) 2000

Spontaneous Combustion at Texas Football Game
Plus: Vatican calls Protestants improper and China continues religious arrests
Role of New UN Religious Advisory Council Still Vague
New York's World Peace Summit 'lacked detail' and 'authentic leadership' from some major faiths, says ecumenical leader.
Senate Debates Granting China Permanent Trade Status
U.S. commission warns that normalizing trade will harm religious freedom.
You've Got 26-Year-Old Legends!
Plus: The anti-woman Bible, and North Dakota's Supreme Court tells judges to stay out of religious entanglement.
Marijuana Mambo and Mormons
Christian film critics weigh in on lesser-known movies now playing.
Seeds for a '100-Year' Peace Process
Ecumenical summit leaves religious leaders cautiously hopeful for gradual change.
Freed Somali Christian Arrives in New Zealand
'It was God who saved me,' Haji declares.
Not God's Will for Child to Keep Living Says British Judge
Plus: A church open to the public—but not in the usual way, and other stories from mainstream media sources.
Religious Freedom Report Rebukes China Others
State Department finds many nations' religious freedoms deteriorating, but some are improved.
Scientology: Religion or Racket?
A look at the religious movement from the November 1969 pages of Christianity Today.
Scientology: Religion or Racket?
A look at the religious movement from the November 1969 pages of Christianity Today.
Uzbek Police Jail Another Christian
Arrest follows closure of church youth camp in Nukus.
Pencils Down the Election's Over
According to political scientists, Al Gore has already won.
'It Is Time for Jews to Learn About the Efforts of Christians to Honor Judaism ' Say Rabbis
Plus: Argentina's church apologizes, more religious violence in Nigeria and India, and other stories from the world's mainstream media sources.
'Kill Them All'
The medieval church was deadly serious about eliminating heretical Cathars.
Is Anybody Not Upset with Cardinal Ratzinger? (Except You John Paul II?)
Plus: George Barna helps those who want to help themselves, and other stories from other media sources around the Internet.
Who Will Watch The Watcher?
What Christian film critics are saying about Nurse Betty, The Way of the Gun, and other new releases.
Dutch Parliament Says Gay Marriages Are Equal to Straight Ones
Plus: Satan's star is rising, Putin on faith, and other stories from mainstream media sources.
Dominus Iesus a 'Public Relations Disaster' for Ecumenism Say Critics
Vatican's statement reasserting itself as the one true church lamented inside and outside Catholicism.
Mayor of Cape Town a Nazarene Minister Learns High Price of Porn
Plus: Redeemed slaves, don't talk about Dominus Iesus, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
Indian Prime Minister Greeted by Protests
Plus: More Gwen Shamblin, exodus at a Christian dot-com, and other news stories from around the Internet.
The Weigh Is Narrow
As former employees claim they were pressured to join Shamblin's church, the Weigh Down Workshop leader attempts to clarify her stance on the Trinity.
In Errancy
Want to know what's wrong with the Western church? Start with a list.
Anniversary of Church Shootings Serves as Reminder for Bush
Presidential candidate promises to battle religious bigotry in wake of Texas tragedy.
Jesus Threw Out the Money Changers. I'm Just Making a Withdrawal.
Plus: Dominus Iesus vs. The Amsterdam Declaration, where porn and the Vatican meet, and other stories from mainstream media around the world.
Pencils Down Part 2
Think your vote matters? You poor, misguided fool.
Norwegian Prince's Moving In with Girlfriend Provokes National Debate
Crown Prince Haakon will also be head of state church on death of his father.
Olympic Chaplains Not Taken Seriously Christians Claim
Australian Christians say the Olympic committee views chaplains as just another group of volunteers
A Bible for the Likes of Mike
German athletes collaborate on an Olympic sports Bible that even Michael Johnson could love.
What Religious Magazines Are Stocked in Your Bookstore?
Plus: Why Protestants win at the Olympics, more Chinese arrests, and other links to articles in other publications around the Internet.
Lutheran Church of Norway Appoints Practicing Homosexual
Oslo priest's relationship prompts lively debate in the Norwegian church.
Pakistan's Christians Demand End to 'Religious Apartheid' at Polls
Election system allows religious minorities to vote only for candidates of their own faith.
Former Head Steps Out of the Crosswalk
Plus: The Jesus Seminar is apparently tired of Jesus, and other articles from media around the Internet.
Graham Goes Home to Get Ready for Florida
Evangelist plans to continue preaching, but drastically reduce his schedule.
Poland's Catholic Bishops Reject Criticism of Dominus Iesus
Ratzinger's declaration that Protestant denominations are not proper churches is making waves in pope's birthplace.
Crowe-ing Over Almost Famous
What Christian film critics are saying about recent films, and an online debate over what to let children watch.
Battle Brews Over Warfare Language (Or: Mission Minded Groups Attempt to Heal Each Others' Vocabularies)
Plus: Amy Grant is pregnant, memories of Wedgwood, and other stories from media sources around the world.
Can a New Cathedral Change Siberia's Image?
Catholics hope building will promote revival in a territory better known for crime and punishment.
Weighty Matters
Gwen Shamblin's teachings sound an awful lot like some in the early church—and not in a good way.
Thousands Mourn Death of 'India's Father'
Evangelist Bakht Singh led a fruitful life of teaching and founding churches.
Is the Scandal Over?
Plus: Family Research Council attacks Hindu prayer, then changes its tune.
U.S. Episcopal Priest Murdered in Moscow
Friends and co-workers fondly remember his compassion.
Are Conservative Christians Abusive Parents?
Plus: An ex-gay leader goes into a bar, and blaming spanking for youth violence.
President Signs Religious-Liberty Bill
Law says government must again prove compelling interest to curb free exercise of religion in land use, prisons, and hospitals.
British Court Overrules Parents in Conjoined Twins Case
Court orders operation when parents had hoped to let God decide outcome of joined twins.
As Cuts Staff and Closes Office Other Christian Web Sites Flounder Around It
Plus: Family Research Council's new president, more on spousal submission, and more stories from other media sources.
Gay Churches Expand to Latin American Congregations
Homosexuals in Honduras respond to new denomination's message that homosexuality and Christianity are compatible.
Taking Aim at Media Violence
Christian film critics are skeptical about political action, but suggest other solutions for glamorized gore.
Worldwide Church of God Wins Control of Controversial Book
Plus: More criticism of Dominus Iesus—this time by Vatican leadership, and the Serbian Orthodox Church casts its vote.
Eager Christians Snatch Up 10 000 Mongolian Bibles
Newly translated Bible encourages Christians who lived under Communist persecution.
Files at Estonian KGB Reportedly Show Head of Russian Orthodox Church Was KGB Agent
Plus: Patron saint of politicians, response to RU-486's approval, and other stories from media sources around the world.
Olympia Revisited
Christianity and the Olympic Games were once competitors, but at other times have been on the same team.
House Passes Bill to Protect Babies Outside the Womb
Protection for infants who survive abortions draws 380-15 approval.
Peru's Churches Welcome Fujimori's Decision to Call New Election
After riots and videotapes of bribes, Peru pushes its current president for the opportunity to vote again.

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ERLC Retracts Announcement Firing President Brent Leatherwood
ERLC Retracts Announcement Firing President Brent Leatherwood
UPDATE: The chair of the board of trustees, Kevin Smith, has resigned.

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