International Christian Concern has been informed by sources on the ground that the town of Yei in Southern Sudan was attacked on Tuesday May 2 by missiles fired from the southwest, or from the direction of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Yei is located about 30 miles from the Congo border, and is in an area controlled by the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA). However, the missiles appear to have been directed at random toward the civilian population.The firing of these missiles directly conflicts with a promise of a cease-fire by the Government of Sudan. This new escalation in the 17-year-old conflict is another indication that the Government of Sudan intends to carry out a genocide campaign and is a continuation of the jihad or holy war declared against the Christians and non-Muslim peoples that populate Southern Sudan. At estimated 2 million people have already died in the civil war in Sudan.The exact origin of the missile firing is unclear, but those on the ground say that there is no doubt that they were launched somewhere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It would then appear that Congo's President Kabila is cooperating as an ally of Sudan's President Omar al-Besir. It is widely believed that funding for these arms is supported by oil revenue from oil fields developed in Southern Sudan. Canada's Talisman Energy Inc and China's National Petroleum Company have partnered with the Government of Sudan to develop these oil reserves and a pipeline to deliver oil to a port on the Red Sea.Killing of innocents continues as the United States government still ponders the issues. International Christian Concern urges Americans to pray for the southern Sudanese in this war-torn land and to also raise their voices in protest to their elected representatives. There have also been reports that the Government of Sudan has been using chemical weapons which would further suggest that the militant-Muslim regime is engaged in acts of genocide.The missiles were falling on Yei and the surrounding area for about 45 minutes. It is not yet known if there were any casualties.

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