May (Web-only) 2000

A Minister for Veep?
Plus: Most Colorado Springs visitors go for religious reasons, Beliefnet is in the money, and other articles from the world's media.
Revive Us Again
Two recently translated books recount searches for recapturing Pentecost.
Greece's Churches Divided Over Identity Card Data
Protestants cheer government plans to remove religious identification
Jim and Tammy Faye Together Again
Plus: 50 dead after Muslim attacks in Indonesia, Billy Graham's last crusade (until November) and other stories from the world's mainstream media sources.
What Christian critics are saying about John Woo's Mission: Impossible 2, Jackie Chan's Shanghai Noon, the latest Hamlet, and other films.
Arrests Put Tragic Church Bombing of 1963 Back in the Headlines
Suspects maintain innocence in murder of four girls in Birmingham, Alabama blast.
Web Filters' Double Standards on 'Hate Speech' Against Homosexuals
Plus: Nigeria's unhappy anniversary of democracy, latest Left Behind goes number one, and other stories from the world's mainstream media sources.
Istanbul Police Arrest Turkish Protestant Group
Australian Christian roughed up by Avcilar police chief
Rekindling of Nigerian Religious Violence Leaves Untold Hundreds Dead
Plus: The surprising popularity of Christian music online, churches can discriminate on gender, and other articles from the world's mainstream media sources.
Canada Meeting Gives New Hope for Unity Between Anglicans and Catholics
Churches come closer together, but not close enough to share Eucharist.
From Episcopalian Bishop to Cybersex Columnist
Bishop John Spong goes to work for Museum of Sex's Web site.
Presbyterian Court OKs Gay Unions
Plus: Charitable giving is up, Michael W. Smith's Friends keeps going and going, and other news stories.
House Approves Divisive U.S.-China Trade Pact
But will permanent normal trade relations status help human rights?
Churches Distance Themselves from Attempted Coup in Fiji
Methodist president calls for prayer, end to illegal activities.
Dinosaur's Morally Grounded 80 Minutes of Distraction
What Christian critics are saying about Gladiator, Battlefield Earth, and other current films.
National Council of Churches is Dying to Be Broader
Plus: The betrayal of Jerry Falwell and other stories about Christians and Christianity from the mainstream press.
Charles Stanley Divorces But Will Remain Pastor
Plus: Gay-ordaining American Baptist churches survive ousting vote, Christian-Druid reconciliation comes under attack, and other stories from around the world.
Two Pakistani Christians Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison
Musharraf retracts new blasphemy law policy in wake of protests.
Barna & Bailey
The Greatest Research Show on Earth?
Britain's Battered Churches
Plus: The latest evil video game, Sinead O'Connor's religious CD, and other stories from mainstream media.
The Pope's Birthday
Plus: Congress' Hindu prayer, a dog ingests the Body of Christ, and other stories from media sources around the world.
Asking the Wrong Questions
The Christian History staff's field trip to see the Dead Sea Scrolls
Faith Groups Support Million Mom March to Halt America's Gun Culture
Congregations and denominations join the Mother's Day demonstration
Japanese Prime Minister In Trouble For Religion Comments
Plus: Pakistan's blasphemy laws will stay, Jesse Ventura tries to make nice, and other stories from the world's mainstream media.
New York's New Catholic Leader Is a Friend of Pope John Paul
Edward Egan expected to uphold traditional church teachings.
Are Publicly Christian Politicians Probably Sleeping Around?
Plus: The ACLU's latest crusades against public religion, and America's latest sex columnist
Movie Mom's Holly McClure takes a parental approach to the cinema.
Mongolian Translators Discredit 'Religious Detention' Documents
Identity and whereabouts of Christian Marat Kojash still unconfirmed.
President of San Francisco Theological Seminary Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse Days after Resignation
Plus: Madalyn Murray O'Hair's murder, another Jonestown, and other religion stories from around the world.
Fatima's Third Secret Overshadows Historic Beatification of Two Children
Vision interpreted as prophecy of 1981 assassination attempt on pope's life
Insisting He's Innocent Anti-Apartheid Activist Begins Jail Term
Allan Boesak sentenced for theft and fraud from anti-apartheid foundation funds.
Jesus Returns in Florida
Plus: ads will air on Jesus after all, political church will stay taxed, and links to other stories from the mainstream press.
Peacemaking in Northern Ireland
Former U.S. Senator George Mitchell considers the long, often painful process
Sticking With the Status Quo
United Methodists reject gay marriage, ordination.
Measuring the Wall Between Church and State
Plus: No more Fightin' Christians, a Christian hostel is attacked in India, and other stories from the mainstream media around the world.
A Mother's Day Meditation
Billy Graham's mother examines her role as parent.
His Mother
Learning from Mary, the maternal model.
Air Force Chaplain Cleared of Discrimination Charge
Plus: Chicago Tribune's family devotion tips, and other stories on Christians and Christianity from the world's mainstream media sources.
A Fresh Encounter with God
Anne Graham Lotz says, Just give me Jesus in five-city revival.
India’s First Dalit Archbishop Holds ‘No Grudge’ Over Predecessor’s Attack
Once untouchable Dalits make up bulk of country’s Christians.
Blasphemy Case Registered Against Young Pakistani Husband
First test of military government's new judicial curb
Gladiator Slays 'em at the Box Office but Not All Critics Are Cheering
What Christian film reviewers are saying about The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Frequency, and other movies.
Christian Web Site Kept Away from Jesus
Plus: Is the I Love You virus God's punishment for infidelity? And other articles from around the world about Christians and Christianity.
The Right to Rent
Can homosexuals and atheists be barred from church camps?
Pope Honors 12 000 Modern Witnesses to Christianity
Orthodox and Protestants join commemoration of twentieth-century martyrs
Despite Arrests Church Leaders Vow to Continue Vieques Protest
Religious leaders still spearheading effort to end Navy bombing
Ten Years After the Velvet Revolution Czech Monasteries Struggle to Survive
Legal issues, no middle generation of monks and nuns limit expansion.
Unholy Harvest?
Evangelicals join protests against genetically modified frankenfoods.
Catholics Protestants and Orthodox Honor 20th Century Martyrs
Plus: McDonald's targets the occult, messianic Jewish group's logo challenged in Canadian court, and The Catholic League gets mad at O'Connor memorabilia on eBay.
Revival at Public School Stirs 100 Students to Conversion
Fellowship of Christian Athletes presentation continues for hours
Chicago's Cardinal Issues Warning to Visiting Polish Priest
But measures against anti-Semitic remarks called stupidity and garbage by priest's spokesman.
Our Bodies Our Selves?
Facing the discomfort we have with our physiques.
The Way We Believe Now According to The New York Times
Plus: The unusual holy places of Johnny and June Carter Cash, religious education gets younger, and other stories on Christianity and Christians from the mainstream media.
Family Disputes Coptic Pharmacist's 'Conversion' to Islam
Third alleged conversion reported by Egyptian Christians in El-Fayoum
Southern Sudan Bombed Despite Cease-fire Promise
Details sketchy from town of Yei, near Democratic Republic of the Congo.
China Should Improve on Religion to Gain Permanent Trade Status Commission Says
Religious liberty in Sudan and Russia also criticized.
Christians Sue Sandia National Laboratories for Discrimination
Plus: Most twisted porn magazine accidentally sent to skateboarders, nuns join the circus, and other news items from the world's mainstream media.
Maniac or Martyr?
Two centuries after his birth, John Brown remains a divisive figure
Cardinal John O'Connor: An Unwavering Advocate of Vatican Values
Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York dies at age 80
It's the People's Bible and the People Want More Sex in It I Tell You!
Plus: A condom machine taken out of Catholic high school, an archbishop praises The Simpsons, and links to other religion stories from mainstream media sources.
Churches Welcome Pakistan Promise to Ease Restrictions on Minority Faiths
October coup turns out to be beneficial to Christians as blasphemy laws are overhauled
The Invisible Seminaries
Plus: Charges of racism in church zoning denials, secularism blamed for killing 43,000 Canadians annually, and other stories about Christians and Christianity from the world's mainstream media sources.
The Kingdom of God Is Like Erin Brockovich's Michael Elliott sees movies as parables.
If You Can't Accept Christianity Try Judaism says Anglican Bishop
'Tried and tested' tradition good for 'natural monotheists,' he writes in Jewish magazine.
Deny China Trade Status Says Religious Freedom Commission Report
Plus: Newsweek looks at teen faith, a churchgoer's wandering eye nearly gets him killed, and other religion stories from the mainstream media around the world.
International Community Has No Excuses in Ethiopia Says Aid Official
Starvation not widespread, but growing rapidly
Zimbabwe President's Party Refuses to Join Church-Sponsored Talks to End Violence
At least 10 dead in country's escalating political violence
True West
Three excellent museum shows—not to mention our magazines—reexamine the American frontier
Fury Rises Over Tufts University's Banning of Christian Group
Plus: Is the pope an evangelical? Britney Spears takes a stand for virginity, and other religion stories from around the world.
Australian Archbishops in Public Row over Christ's Role
Head of church accused of denying significance of resurrection and Christ's uniqueness

Top Story June 14, 2024

PCA Will Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’ Book
PCA Will Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’ Book
The author of the bestseller died last year. The investigation will determine if the book is appropriate for Christians.

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